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Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Occupy, Occupy, Occupy" Phase III needs to begin!

Why they haven’t occupied Mississippi: OWS lacks a coherent message -

To get many more people involved I think this writer is correct.  Phase III needs to refine certain goals to a means of major change and not protest unto itself.  The attention of the American public has been grabbed.  Most understand there are many major problems and now it is time to go after the root of those problems.

Phase III needs to be a major focus on what can be done to accomplish these changes.  The simplest possible solutions for the most possible resolutions to support the vast array of problems presented by "occupy".   We know there is corruption. We know that the fed and banking rules are a mess. We all know the employment situations are dire.  We know that college loans are scamming people.  We know there are usury techniques and predators feasting on the poor and others.  There are so many other problems and issues that I can go on for pages if need be.  So what can we do to fix as many of these as possible?

There needs to be Constitutional Convention.  We must strike at the root to make the major changes the "occupy" movement hopes for.  Nothing short of this will stop the co-opting and corruption.  The root is the money, power and corruption as it has almost always been like that if we look to  history.  So we call for a  Constitutional Convention.  It was something the writers of the Constitution expected to happen.  It was something that they expected us to do.  Centuries later they would know that it has to be done.

We as a people know what the causes are.  They are rather simple when we bring each one back to the root causes.  They are abuse of money, abuse of power and corruption that we don't like.  We need to make leaders of government and private sectors accountable.  We create real term limits.We take away the absurd pay and benefits that politicians have granted themselves over the years.  We make these leaders stand by the same rules they create.  We return the fed and banking laws to work for the country and the people.  We stop the corporations from having rights as people.  We stop the lobbyists from having any power and return that power to the people.  Restore real power and rights to the workers who are the people not just commodities and resources.  Make the government truly answerable to the people.

What I'm mentioning above obviously will need refining but will bring the 99 percent together for sure.

Everyone in this country knows things are wrong right now even the 1 percent know this!  We all know there is a need for major changes and the people need to make these changes or we will continue down a declining path.  All those that get involved as leaders in the private or government sectors today, even with the greatest intentions, become corrupt.  As the old cliche goes absolute power, absolutely corrupts.  The people need to take this power back and restore the rule of law with a Constitutional Convention.

We need to join together as centrists, right, left, all around and in-between.   I dislike name tagging of peoples ideas and feelings like I just did, because I never met anyone that didn't have ideas and feelings from everyone of those camps as some call it.  Let "occupy" assist America in evolving to a greater destination and not just have the same old colonization.  Let "occupy" not fade away and get frustrated as so many well intentioned movements and people with good causes have had happen to them before.  Please this is a call from a fellow human saying let's try and make this a better place for all human beings. Let's not let our fellow humans down!

Please let us call for a Constitutional Convention NOW.  By calling a convention we can improve so many things and not just create more laws and regulations that we all know mean little to nothing anymore, because there are so many.  I've been saying for years now that even a homeless person has to have a lawyer on retainer and a degree to survive in the U.S.A. and there is something wrong with that too.

Let's make changes together and be a real democracy...  If so many want "a demand" let a Call for a Constitutional Convention be that one demand that all occupiers demand (to start anyway).

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