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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The New World Order and World Peoples Protest

This has been going and becoming part of the world structure for decades creations of world organizations, world powers, world governments along with consolidation of monetary and trade systems.  The people themselves have watched the growth and pondered the meaning and usage for a long time.  We are now in a world that is inter-connected via communications networks, travel technology and many other means. This includes the connection of many individual ideas around the globe.  The time of power of the people around the globe may be in sight for the first time in the history of mankind. Did anyone expect the people to start organizing together formidably at the individual level?

This may or may not be something that was expected.  I would have to think that there were people that had the foresight and saw this coming both on the pro and anti side of the movements that are growing.  However, anyone that compares these to past protests, movements or revolutions should keep in mind, that there are few indicators of what is to come, from something that has never played out before in history.  

There have been some preambles to this surge of global growth but that was from a few that saw the possibilities in the past.  Now there are many more people that see and understand how to use the current technologies and abilities of 21st century and society.  So to say this is like the civil rights protests or any other protest around the world is either trying to grasp or possibly even restrain the potential of a movement that could explode with the "Occupy" phenomena.  It has already reached level of numbers that exceed anything that has ever happened in the world, in such a short time.  It wasn't possible to spread at speeds such as today in the past.  Many times in the past the situations would have already changed before people received the communication of such events.  In today's environment many millions around the world have already responded.

The "Occupy or Unoccupy the World" is a new(more reality based then past) concept, a new hope that so many have dreamed of in the past.  However, many never thought or felt it as possible or truly realistic dreams.  A dream that now has a chance of reality.  A truth that can be possible and is completely dependent on the people and leaders of the world today.  Where will this go and what will happen is not something I see as happening before but as something coming to light in today's  "New World Order and World Peoples Protest".

The future is ours and what we make it.  We have the technologies, logistics, communications abilities to feed the world, cloth the world and house the world.  The real question is are the cultures, people and leaders of this world ready for such an under taking, challenge and blessing?

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