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Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's A Wonderful Life

Well George(Jimmy Stewart) was the star in "It's a wonderful life".  A movie that for many is a classic that brings tears to many eyes each year.   Now as wikipedia states it was originally considered a flop and now it is considered a Christmas classic around the world.

I see the "occupy" movement standing for much of what George did in this movie.  However, it appears that many people still feel what is on television is not going to do them any good in the world outside the screen.  Because, it is quite obvious that the Mr Potter's are the people in control of Wall Street and the banks.

I guess this year my question is do people follow Mr Potter?  Or do people follow George?

You make your choice please, I've already made mine.  I still have hope and it really is as simple as the movie itself.  However, the ones with the money continue to try and sell "occupy" off as finished or over.  Many others  that are not rich seem to want to listen to the paid for media and politicians that put the "occupy" movement down.

So the time is here where do you want to "occupy" life in Pottersville or Bedford Falls?

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