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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fighting the Great Depression

Fighting the Great Depression:  - (Have we learned anything in all this time?) (Very interesting material gathered by this writer.  I highly recommend reading the entire post at the above link!)

"The caste included white-collar and blue-collar workers, farmers, and the wives and childrenof men that died or were long-gone on the road of transient work. They walked across the nation, looking for a livelihood, without the benefit of electricity, running water, clean clothing, adequate food, heathcare, shelter, or safety. They were scorned, kicked, belittled, starved to death, ridden out of town on a rail, shot, arrested falsely, lynched and hated by everyone around them in some places." --- By Patty Inglish, MS. ---

"Still Crazy After All These Years"
Two types of behavior have been highlighted as stemming from the effects of the Depression. One is hoarding behavior and the other is unkindly called a “welfare mentality” of accessing helping systems. A portion of the general public call the former "crazy" and the latter "dishonest" and “lazy.” Both labels are unfair to the transient workers attempting to stay alive ..." --- By Patty Inglish, MS. --- (Now does this sound familiar?)

Why would be my next question?  Why are we still like this?  This never went away. It was just ignored for so long and swept under the rug.  Now that many more are sitting on the edge today they are realizing how wrong this all is.  Now they are scared for themselves and saying how could this be.  It never did go completely away in this country and it is time for major change and to really take a strong look at our current values system.  Where is this country going?  What are we the people willing to accept or change? I'd Rather Not Be on Relief

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Surviving The Great Depression in the 1930's - This is a lot of what we see third party history where a lot of the horrors are left out.  People don't want to relive those times even talking about them.  There are a lot of very good and strong people that did not make it through those times.  I hope we look at both the bad and good of history and try and learn to do better.
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