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Friday, December 23, 2011

Does it really make sense?

  I see 100s, 1000s, 10,000s, 100,000s and now millions of people world wide are spending time occupying and protesting.  They take the risks of being ridiculed, made fun of possibly losing their jobs.  They get cold, wet and tired.  They risk getting arrested, physically harmed and harassed.  They work together as small and large groups.  They coordinate events, libraries, education, food, safety, shelter, medical and legal assistance.  They do everything from the labor to CEO management and they get no pay for their efforts.  They are not doing this to sell products.  They are doing this because they think it is the right thing to do.

 So does it really make any sense to say they are lazy?  Does it make any sense to slow down such momentum?  Does it make any sense that anyone would be trying to stop people from expressing their concerns?  Does it make any sense that there are so many with this much passion involved in subjects raised?  Does it make any sense at all that there would be people doing everything in their power to squelch such passion?

 Try answering any of the question to yourself and see what you come up with.

 Does this really make sense and what do you think?

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