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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Editor- LAPD Arrests the Truth at Occupy LA | Culver City Crossroads

Dear Editor- LAPD Arrests the Truth at Occupy LA | Culver City Crossroads:

Welcome to America when you peacefully protest the things that are true and honest to you, be ready to pay a heavy price.

Assembling and petitioning are supposed to be rights that are free of fear and intimidation. That was obviously a dream of the past that I wonder if we have ever really reached. Tactics currently being applied to the 99 percent by the 99 percent are not the root of the problem. We are being divided by this in itself. Just another tactic to divide and conquer while those robbing you blind continue to do what they have done all along. The police, the tactics, the brutality and the fear inflicted are not the real problems (they are a symptom). They are just the response from the current system that has been built to defend a system and not the people.

Occupations in the U.S.A. must be touching on some very true and sensitive areas for tactics such as this to get applied to peaceful citizens of this country. Someone did not want to see this continue to grow as it was doing. There were not alternatives offered but threats and actions taking swiftly with hope to destroy assemblies and petitions of the government. Enough is enough is not an appropriate response to so many grievances. Why were these tactics applied to this movement because no one thought it would continue or grown with the velocity that it has. There has been nothing resolved at this point. So why would you tell these people that have assembled and have the determination to fight for what they believe "to go away", "get a job", "take a shower", "we don't want to hear you anymore", "we need a specific demand(s)"? There are many demands and there is a reason for many demands, because none of them have been getting resolved for years.

As a matter of fact, things must be much more corrupt and worse than "occupations" are even saying for this having to be leaked out by people rather than the MSM outlets themselves. Raids in the middle of the night, media blackouts, military tactics, meetings, money giving, only selected media allowed in, and so much more going on that is very manipulative. It sounds awful everything that has and is taking place on the authorities side of the spectrum. A very shameful thing has been demonstrated by the police tactics around the country but they are still some of the simplest of the controls placed on people and the lower end in the range of the horrific problems we must still face and change.

The cheating, lies and manipulation of the average citizens for decades now to benefit a few. It certainly doesn't sound like the America most people want to be living in. It is not the America I choose to live with.

Don't be divided and conquered by the police state that has been here for a long time and is becoming apparent to the general public of the nation. The fight ahead is not against uneducated nor simpletons. It is against those that are unethical, unfair and pulling the established puppet strings. They will play the plausible denial came to the lowest levels possible. The levels that have been being blamed for way to long are the poor and the working class. The police in most cases are part of the poor and working class. Keep an eye on where this is really stemming from; because without reaching and resolving the problems at the highest of all levels the virus will survive. It is deep inside, it must be reached be eradicated or cured or it will continue or come back quickly.

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