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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Take them down brick by brick

Cities keep disallowing people to assemble accept according to the rules the cities make.  Why not co op and start buying a lot of land.  This way "occupy" will own the land as a co op and can hold demonstrations without foolish rules to oust them.  They will still come at the movement on private land but it is another start....

It sounds crazy a bit but do the same thing that has been done to the people by buying things out.  I saw one article that there have been a group of nuns buying shares so they become share holders. Then they add their opinions with part ownership.  Now if the people of this country start doing this it is a whole lot more buying power.

Why not do the same as a co op or business.  Create a corporate "Occupy" along with a non-profit for the different things.  You can hold both business and non-profit for different sections of the movement.  Maybe, it is time to buy out a factory and not close it but buy up a factory and reopen it!

You want to talk action!  Let's take action as the people.  It will not be partisan but will be about communities! It is time to take back our country and that means all the assets.  People call "occupy" members anti capitalists.  Let's show them what capitalism can do when it is real capitalism with morals and community oriented.  Take them down on their own ground with different rules follow the path of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs in business and take down the corruption one brick at a time.

That's right don't work with in the system.  Take over the system...  If it is real capitalism they want give it to them.  We all know the system is not capitalism now lets fix it...  Those telling "occupy" members to get a job and get a life may want to remember that one day that person may be their boss.

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