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Monday, November 14, 2011

some don't seem to understand

  Those in charge don't seem to really understand.  Instead of listening and hearing of what is going on in their own streets.  Do they really think that this movement will go away now that the fire has been lit?

  Reality, this is not something that has grown over night, two months or even two years, it's been brewing much, much longer than that.  These are a lot of very frustrated people speaking.  By shutting down occupations is only adding fuel to the fire and proving the peoples voices to be so very true.

  This is not a partisan movement no matter how much some, media, politicians or anyone else would like it to go.  This is about the people and what they have to say and have to do.

  If every occupation was shut down today, and even if camping around the country was banned this will come from other directions with even more people.  What is going on here isn't going away because these people are being cheated, manipulated, socially engineered and are tired, frustrated and fed up.

  The wave of changes coming has only begun... IMHO...

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