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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Small Government, Small Business, Small Companies, Small Banks

If your against small government, small business, stronger local communities then your probably against the "occupy" revolt.  Because that is what this is all about.  It's about rebuilding small communities and strengthening their power and voice.

Small communities working together with their different ideas is what has made America such a strong country in the past and it can again.  It is about redistributing the power from the mega corporations and figure heads in D.C.  The power should be at the town, city and state levels where it was always intended to be.  There is a place for federal intervention but it should not be every aspect of every ones lives.

We can't fix the drug problems, prison problems, education problems, environmental problems, employment problems or any of the many problems facing Americans at the federal, world or mega corporation levels.  These problems have to be fixed at the local levels.  That would mean the citizens and local levels need to be listened too and empowered to do this.  Who can give that empowerment to the people, the people themselves.  This will not happen because the people vote, it will only happen if the people take responsibility for themselves.

Taking responsibility for themselves is what the occupy movement is doing and trying to do.  They are not asking for handouts, they are asking for a fair shake.  They asking for the cards not to be stacked against them.  They know a few currently hold all the cards.  Well they want some of those cards too!

It is time for everyone to realize that giant corporations and government are not going to take care of the situation.  They are depending on us to fix it, because they really can't do it without the masses and all the hard working people out here.  It is time for change!

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