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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-9-2011 evening

Occupy Denver's search for a leader goes to the dogs - lol, now we just need a cat, hog, cow and few others and we have it all.  Might as well give them what they want when I heard a few call it "animal farm" before.

‘Occupy the Highway’: Occupy Wall Street travels to Occupy D.C. on foot
Occupy Wall Street Ads to Run on O’Reilly Factor Tonight
Occupy Afghanistan, Not Wall Street: A Military Opinion?
Occupy Bristol: 'This is Camp Hope' - video
Occupy Wall Street Protests Against Banks Could Hurt Homeowners Trying to Save Their Homes

Police attempt to shut down my lecture in Pittsburgh
Bloomberg Defending OWS?
'Momentum of Occupy movements strong'
Occupy SF: Homeless Should Occupy Empty Homes.
#OccupyWallSt Roundup, Day 54

Occupy Wall Street Protests Outside Department Of Education
Occupy movement spreads to the suburbs: Newton Centre
On Election Day, Cuomo protesters voted with their voices
Occupy Wall Street? I've got some gripes, too - I guess because they are fighting for those same people.
Occupy Saratoga brings Wall Street protests to Saratoga Springs

Hannity: Occupy Wall Street Protesters "Sound Like Skinhead Nazi Psychos" - most people see right past this mans propaganda.  Don't these sensationalized propagandists realize they are going to lose most of their followings the more they keep this up? Or does he really believe that he can control the truth by picking out some isolated individuals and incidents and saying something over and over again?

Occupy Wall Street Shames Alleged Donation Thief
Ralph Nader on the Threat Posed by Occupy Wall Street to U.S. Political and Economic Status Quo
Tiny Protesters Rail Against Wall Street in Occupy Lego Land

Occupy Wall Street? You Bet. Occupy My Street!78
You heard it right: Occupy Oakland deposits $20,000 donation into Wells Fargo - hope its not true but even if it is get over there and close it.

Oakland police officer Fred Shavies tells his story
Tom Morello appears at ‘Occupy London’
Occupy Images
Occupy Wall Street Goes Couch Surfing
Occupy Wall Street movement hits SIUE today

Occupy Wall Street: Sam Jones tells Occupy Mobile to leave park
One Bay Area mayor WELCOMES Occupy protests to her city
How anarchists have moved in on the Occupy movement
City moves to toss Occupy Detroit from Grand Circus Park

‘Occupy'-inspired protest hits UC Irvine
The 99 percent are marching against a path of unsustainability
The Letter and the Spirit- Occupy Tucson and the Law
An Important #OWS Victory: Shifting the Conversation from “National Deficit” to “Personal Debt”

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