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Sunday, November 6, 2011

O.W.S. In the News 11-6-2011

Occupy Wall Street - A Growing Force?
In Washington state's capital, Occupy protesters coexist with businesses

Many veterans a part of Occupy Wall Street
20 arrested at Occupy Atlanta
Author Stephen King releases statement supporting ‘Occupy Bangor’
Vets Heed Occupy Rallying Cry
Occupy Wall Street Movement and US oligarchy

A roundup of Occupy protests - CNN
Occupy Movement Moves To Rural Northwest
Local action explodes into global voice of protest
Opinion: Crony capitalism
Americans torn between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street would back an independent for President - MSM writing gibberish like this is shameful.  They are co-opting both groups by saying the Tea Party is on the right and O.W.S. is on the left.  It is out right shameful and ridiculous IMHO for any media or journalist to stoop so low and try and classify a group the way they would like the story to lead and influence people.  Most if not all "Occupy" groups have declared themselves autonomous of any party or non-partisan.

Welcome to the “augmented revolution”
'Occupy' group in Manhattan — Memphian among them — is finding its center
Occupy Wall Street
Social media aggregation comes to Occupy Wall Street
Understanding Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Clash With Police Outside Courthouse
Veterinarians lend a hand at Zuccotti Park, checking  pets of Occupy Wall Street protesters
Occupy Wall Street movement comes to Chase Bank, Mineola
Occupy Wall Street: What a ‘99er’ wants done

Occupy Wall Street – A Growing Force?
Occupy Martinsville emerges in hard-hit Va. city
TransCanada Pipeline Foes Seek to Encircle White House in Demonstration
Boehner defends the 1%: ‘How much more do you want them to pay?’
Alternatives to corporate greed

What Happened When I Tried to Get Some Answers About the Creepy NYPD Watchtower Monitoring OWS
Global haves and global have-nots

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