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Sunday, November 6, 2011

O.W.S. In the News 11-6-2011 evening

Thomas Ferguson: How to Take Back Our Political System From the 1% - I see several Constitutional Amendments as a good start to what this movement needs.  I think these need to be on the agenda as solutions soon.  There will be a need for follow up and other things that need to be worked but there are a couple goals in this article that I think have merit to get moving along soon or now.  It would be nice to see them in place before the next Presidential Election.  That is a short time but this is America and as the old saying goes anything is possible.

For Occupy Wall Street and job seekers, Stanley Dashew offers sage advice - I always appreciate words of the experienced.  There was some great information to be found among the writing.  I did find it extra interesting how the writer completed the story with this quote, " The icon of American invention, Thomas Edison once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”"

Occupy protests draw eclectic mix across U.S.
What Does Occupy Wall Street Mean for Marketers?
The Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street and Steve Jobs - IMHO there is no doubt that there are anti-capitalists in the occupy group.  Occupy is made up of a very diverse groups of people, beliefs and leaning in many directions but to call "occupy" anti-capitalist is as foolish as calling it a left movement, it is not either.  It is a group of people that know the current corpratism is failing miserably and corrupt beyond imagination and needs to be fixed.

Occupy Wall Street 'injure elderly woman at conservative dinner'
Cassidy: Occupy Wall Street just one more hardship for Silicon Valley's very rich
Anne Reeves: Stage your own Occupy Wall Street protest by supporting local business - I always love this idea but it is not only hard but impossible only to often. My medical and prescription insurance that are better than many peoples choices don't allow me to go out of network.  Which in the prescription case only allows me to go to one company.  My monies that I earn only go so far and if I don't buy food from the large mega-stores I have to consider how many meals we will skip to buy local merchandise and products because they are usually higher and have to drive all over to different places and pay a lot more in gas.  Time is another thing not very available in the 10-14 hour work days for many of us now-a-days.  It is not that I don't want to buy local it is no longer an option in many cases.

What Do Occupy Wall Street Protesters Want?
Occupy Wall Street Reveals the Paucity of Political Morality
VIEWPOINTS: Hypocrisy reigns as politicians, media choose sides in Occupy Wall Street, tea party fray

Capitalism captures the 99 percent on mugs, T-shirts - I don't think anyone should be allowed to trademark it that is one of the things I think kills a free market.  Let everyone gain from the exploits of the capitalism on this one.  :)   Whoever, makes the best marketing gains the market, best product, best prices, etc.  It shouldn't be the one that own the trademark only.  However, under the current rules and laws that means whoever has the china connections will win out.  Now that is where there needs to be rules to protect the local markets.  Maybe we can do that at the state level. Anything that comes from outside the state has a large state import tax, anything that comes from outside the country has a huge import tax.

Reporter Survives Near-Death Experience: A Night at Occupy Wall Street - Blind treatment like this of people involved or not in the "occupy" groups from media and knowledgeable people only helps build divides and I guess that is what the media and some others really want.  A divided group of concerned citizens, we don't want them to get together and work together, they may come up with viable solutions!

Michael Bloomberg Won't Tolerate Occupy Wall Street Violence - Just another that doesn't want the group to get any stronger.  Now, I'm sure none of these things ever happened in NYC before the "occupy" members arrived.  It's all because the occupy group is there that these things happen.  As a matter of fact there was never any crime on financial office sectors before they arrived either.  The bank failures and criminal activities are worse now because there are people protesting them.  We may have to bail them out again if these protests continue and that will hurt the community and tax payer so much more.  You have to love social engineering, it is a very powerful tool for who ever has the loudest and largest voice.

Occupy Wall Street, Janlokpal and the pressure of justice
Inside the Orwellian machinations in Occupy Wall Street - So what I see this writer as saying is that American citizens are still not mature enough to allow some democracy take place and that democracy takes to long to be effective.  So under this assumption then we still need a few to make the decisions for the majority, whether the majority agrees or not.  I think there needs to be empowerment of many things to the people for certain things but not everything.  I think those ideas are already being worked at each GA such as the states governments working at their level in the U.S. today.   However, there are many GAs around the country all at their own stages of growth and will most likely be a bit different from each.

Occupy Detroit march draws hundreds of supporters
BUZ LIVINGSTON: Occupy Wall Street, Boston or WaterColor
Alana Burke: Occupy Wall Street should cancel the freakshow - I disagree with much of this interpretation but there is still much to come and one of those things from the "occupy" movements I expect to see is several Constitutional Amendments.  Not just a juxtaposition of changes that I see with the Tea Party itself.  Unfortunately, I don't see as many good changes as I've seen negative from what the Tea Party has accomplished.  I liked a lot of their ideas from the Tea Party but they appear to become part of the same corruption that they were fighting against.

Occupy Wall Street Transforms a Wealthy Executive and His Son - spoofs and humor from another side of satire table.

Occupy challenges the Center City establishment
Activists Take to Streets of Twin Falls to Support Wall Street Movement
Ohio Occupy movement spawns political party
Officials Say Occupy St. Louis Protesters Must Leave Kiener Plaza
Conn Carroll: Hollywood celebs, Big Labor fighting over Occupy Wall Street

Occupy movement still effective without goals
Weekend Thoughts on the Occupy Movement & Rule of Law
Occupy movements from Inland Empire meet together
'Occupy' Movement Hits Lynchburg
Small Banks, Start a Dialogue with Occupy Wall Street

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