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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-30-2011 evening

Haley wants Occupy Columbia suit sent to fed court
Occupy DSM still going strong

Occupy: we are the world
De-Colonize Oakland Teepee
Occupyers warn of a winter of discontent
National Museum of American History collects Occupy Wall Street memorabilia
Is Wall Street Slowly But Surely Getting Swayed by the Occupy Movement? - Or was it swayed even before "occupy" started?  Maybe, some even helped start it...

After raids, Wall Street protesters shift tactics
Miley Cyrus' supposed Occupy Wall Street support song and video stirs up mixed opinions - I think it is great.  Whatever way someone can support should be welcomed, if the person feels they want to support it.  As long as the goals are not to co-opt, corrupt or take advantage of the group they should be welcomed with open arms.  The way the support was posted on the website quietly, a week or so ago, makes me think it is that much more of an honest display of support from Miley Cyrus.

Occupy Wall Street — Meet the Professors Behind It
Defying Police Blockade, Boston’s Occupy Builds a City - So what I think of as I read on is the real Boston Tea Party... :)

Occupy San Francisco activists, for now, reject offer to leave
Occupy L.A.: 292 arrested in camp shutdown

Occupy Harvard’s An Exclusive Affair, But Not By Choice
Occupy’s next frontier: Foreclosed homes
Occupy protesters plan new march to Atlanta from D.C.

Occupy DC: Agnes Bolt's Bubble Brings Transparency To Protest
Occupy Flap Prompts Oakland Recall Drive
In Seattle, Occupy protesters got ousted -- and got organized
Occupy Baltimore permit request to stay in park denied again
Occupy Winston-Salem Protests Wells Fargo CEO Visit

Occupy Nashville: the Little Encampment That Could
Occupy protesters arrested after sit-in at IU business school
Occupy Little Rock: Still Occupying
Occupy Detroit Shows Movement How to Confront Racial Tensions

Tales from the Occupy Protests: Yankee Stadium
At Occupy New Orleans, protesters plan ahead for eviction after mayor says they'll have to go
Occupy Worcester finds wintering ground

OCCUPY ACROSS THE U.S.: Protestors in Cedar Falls, Iowa, still active, even without a camp
Occupy Movement Talk Thrives Online with Pseudonymity

Students rally in support of Occupy Wall Street
Occupy asking to stay past Dec. 15
Jesse Jackson visits Occupy Lincoln campsite
Occupy Wall Street movement targets West Coast ports
Occupy Birmingham, ICE, DHS, and the Modern Market of Slavery

Strike, Take Over, Occupy Everything! The Story of the Bank of America 95

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