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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-29-2011 morning

Occupy's message resonates in state, poll finds - California 37,253,956 well over 1/6 of the entire population lives in this state certainly says a lot, IMHO.
Gilbert: The 'Occupy' movement: It matters
Occupy Raleigh pays rent for new campsite - Now let's consider rent to own.  Don't waste your money on renting buy em out. :)

Occupy members have day in court
Occupy for another week
Occupy the Constitution: An amendment to ban corporate election cash (and end corporate personhood)

National Lawyers Guild Files Restraining Order To Make Cops Leave Occupy Encampments Alone
‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest camp in L.A., Philadelphia remain despite arrests
Richmond Tea Party: Audit retaliation for complaints about preferential treatment of ‘Occupy’

Occupy SD Sets Up Small Tents In Civic Center
Occupy Winston-Salem to protest Wells Fargo chief's speech
Many goals of Occupy campers have been accomplished - twists and turns, always evaluate and check the facts of everything you read.

Occupy Movement Targets West Coast Ports
On The Waterfront: Port unions uncertain on Occupy plan
Occupy Denver to join West Coast counterparts for major protest

'Occupy' protesters meet Sheffield church leaders
Occupy demonstrators march local campuses
Occupy Congress

Occupy the White House
Occupy Boston’s future in Dewey Square unclear
Op-Ed: Occupy the Future

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