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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-29-2011 evening

Nikki Haley’s Costly “Occupy Columbia” Eviction

This is what a journalist getting evicted from an Occupy Boston meeting looks like

Occupy Charleston in court: One pleads no contest, trial date set for 9 remaining
Occupy Park City, seeking new permit, could be barred from camping overnight
Occupy Tampa wants Buckhorn to sign pact
Students protest Occupy crackdowns at UC meeting
Occupy Broadway protest expected to descend on Times Square

Tech Valley High School students occupy Albany protest encampment

Churches help Occupy movement survive crackdowns, winter
Occupy the First Amendment
Capitalism, Democracy and the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Occupy Wall Street, Julian Assange, and the Advantages of a Leaderless Movement
On Location: Occupy L.A. upstages film production at City Hall

Censorship Warning: LAPD Handpicks Media to Cover Occupy LA

Occupy's new tactic on the West Coast: Squatting
Occupy Wall Street won't work unless the protesters also get out and vote (letter)
Occupy OKC gets eviction extension as Tulsa protestors issue grievances
'Occupy Comics' Anthology: Exclusive Creators, Kickstarter and Social Change Through Art
Occupy Long Beach Protester Sentenced to Garbage Duty & Probation

Occupy South Bend ends downtown protest
Occupy Memphis participants have national, local demands
Occupy Phoenix movement disrupted
Occupy Wilmington explores options to set up camp at City Hall
County tables plan to end Occupy Dayton camp

Faculty Senate criticizes response to Occupy Cal protest
‘Occupy St. Louis’ Protesters Take Over Intercom at Arnold Walmart

Occupy Salem responds to Parks’ decision
Occupy Wall Street: Sign of the Times?
Occupy movement must get support from Millennial Generation to survive

Occupy activists plan to crash Iowa caucuses
Occupy movement takes on behemoth of student debt
Tensions may be rising at Occupy Charlotte
Occupy San Diego Riders: Cavalry Arm of Occupation
Occupy San Diego Activist Arrested Over Voter Registration Table

'Occupy' protesters say Albuquerque police are spying on them
Council Resolution Calls for Support of Occupy Wall Street
Okla. City officials give deadline to Occupy group

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