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Monday, November 28, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-28-2011 evening

Occupy Charleston is occupying the kitchen

‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest camp in L.A., Philadelphia remain despite arrests
Miley Cyrus supports Occupy Wall Street with new video
Occupy Philly: 'It's important to stay'
The supercommittee’s 13th member: Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street video playlist

Fairness and the Occupy Movement Revisited
It's Time To Occupy Capitol Hill And Fight Political Greed
LAPD chief: Occupy L.A. camp shrinking, but arrests inevitable
Occupy effort in Calif. targets tuition
Occupy Audio: The Soundscape of the Protests

Occupy Maine turns into legal issue in Portland
Occupy the Southern District of New York: Judge Strikes Down SEC-Citibank Settlement
Occupy DC Protests On Brink Of Eviction? New Park Service Memo Raises Concern
Occupy Augusta refuses to get permit
National Park Service Gives Warning To Freedom Plaza

Occupy LA targeting ports of L.A. and Long Beach
War veteran injured in Occupy protest says he's 'lucky'
Occupy OKC protesters to be evicted tonight from Kerr Park
Occupy Denver to join West Coast counterparts for major protest
Occupy Ports: L.A. Occupiers to Halt Sea Commerce for 'Day Without Goldman Sachs'

Occupy protesters right to be disgusted with political leaders
Occupy Oakland to Launch New Strategy Tomorrow
Occupy Movement; learn from 1960s protests
Occupy group will protest immigration law, ICE policies in Gadsden
Occupy! Occupy! Occupy! NOFX Rocks Occupy LA

Occupy Albany Changes Tactics
What Milton Friedman might say to the Occupy movement - well at least we have proved these theories have not only not worked but failed.

National Occupy Round-up
Occupy Rapid City Presses On

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