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Sunday, November 27, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-27-2011 morning

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Some vow civil disobedience at Occupy L.A.; others plan to leave - Power and politics display violence when that power has already been lost.  Cities around the country have displayed their loss of this power loud and clear.  NOW, is the time for "occupy" members to display completely "peaceful" resistance or choose another path for their resistance.  Do not display the same weakness that the cities themselves have displayed.  NO VIOLENCE, on the "occupy" side will always demonstrate the truth of the movement.  I realize that is easier stated then accomplished as physical and mental violence is imposed upon you.  Staying peaceful is the answer.  The people continue to bend like water and move like the wind in the "occupy" movement and I don't see that being slowed down at all.

Occupy protesters have respect for all voices - Thank you someone that gets part of it anyway.  There really are no hero's or leaders.  Any hero or great leader will tell you that it wasn't them but the people that made them or the team behind them. The team will choose a leader many times as an emblem of their success or defeat.  That is part of our nature to make it simpler.   We are all leaders and followers. This model can be much more successful than what we have modeled in the past.   

‘Occupy’ brings focus on tactics - To be honest these tactics have not changed for 50 years.  They are the same tactics that the U.S.A.  has been using for the last 50 years and unless the pressure is on the tactics will not change.  I was taught and these same tactics 30 years ago that our employed today by the police.  They have a few more non-lethal tools in the inventory but the rules are the same.  The tactics will be held off while the media and public are watching and condemning but they will return as soon as they will not be publicized again.  I should say more the public than the media too.  Because, most media would have never published this if it didn't go viral on the internet first.

Occupy Oakland vs The Anarchists at Whole Foods. Nov 2nd. - Now remember this general strike was shortly after the raid on Oakland where a marine and many others were critically injured by police violence.  There were many angry people there in Oakland and around the country.  However,  something to be noted is this was a huge event with 10,000 thousands of people involved.  The police purposely backed off this situation hoping for violence. There was little violence with the amount of people that showed and the occupy movement went out of their way to police themselves because the police were not there at this event.   Police provoked then backed off.  Don't be fooled violence will turn the people of this country against you.  The Earth Liberation Front is a good example of how anarchy of this type will destroy itself.  Yes, there are powers that will do everything to squelch this movement but we have to me more agile and smarter to win the battles that occupy has started.  It can be done and it will be done!

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