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Saturday, November 26, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-26-2011 morning

Occupy Burlington to host free holiday market
Occupy movement takes root locally
Occupy MN pitches tents on Sixth Street
Memo to the Occupy protesters: here are ten things we evil capitalists really think - I never have thought capitalism with morals is bad or evil.  Only the corruption that has taking control of many countries in mass that disturbs me.  The rich are great if they got there without pilfering, stealing and ruining others lives.

Occupy L.A. offers a hands-on civics lesson for students, teachers
Villaraigosa announces impending shutdown of Occupy L.A. camp
2011-11-25 Help Stop the Eviction of Occupy Los Angeles on Monday!
Occupy brought out the best
Occupy campers continue their stay

Why Bankers Should Be Grateful for Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street plagued by the hierarchy it seeks to destroy
How Israel’s Tent Cities Influenced Occupy Wall Street
Life lessons taken from Occupy Wall Street protester - Well all sounds good but not as nice and easy as this writer makes it sound.  Speaking with experience of working with the system for many, many decades and many people.  However, it is not worth trying to convince anyone that has their mind made up already.

Occupy protesters take message about corporate greed to Black Friday shoppers around Calif.
Occupy protester with miscarriage claim investigated earlier
Nutter's Full Statement On Occupy Philly
Occupy activist held in police assault case
What’s behind those Occupy hand signals

Occupy Albany protesters stage flash mob at mall
Face of Occupy protests was inspired to take action
Occupy Austin expands to Bee Cave, Capitol
Educator under fire - A nice change where the lowest on the totem pole per say is not being blamed.  I don't know about the rest of the country but I'm sick and tired of the plausible denial game that has been going on to long in this country.  It is time for the leaders to take responsibility along with the appropriate punishment.

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