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Friday, November 25, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-25-2011 morning

Occupy movement worth millions, except for Occupy Dallas at $0
ILWU won't join Occupy Oakland's attempts to shut down West Coast ports
Occupy movement a success

Bargain hunters or a new front in the Occupy war? Stores brace themselves for ' Black Friday' as protesters plan disruptive flash mobs, consumer zombies and carol singing

Occupy Wall Street Marchers Come to Washington Decrying Congress
Occupy This: Miley Cyrus Takes a "Liberty Walk" in New Video
Occupy protest sparks UW debate
Occupy Wall Street and Affirmative Action
“I’ll Occupy”: The 99 is Pissed and We Will Not Be Dismissed! 

New city signs at Occupy L.A. draw mixed reactions from protesters
At Occupy, disparate group finds harmony in protest
Occupy protest taps anger at US campuses
Protest songs of Occupy Wall Street
Occupy protesters' rights feel the squeeze

Occupy Bellingham may change focus for winter
LAPD gives Occupy L.A. protesters Thanksgiving turkeys
Police turn Occupy Oakland’s Thanksgiving into potty riot
Protesters Look for Ways to Feed the Web
Occupy Park City: A place to start the conversation

Occupy camp in upstate NY marks Thanksgiving
For Occupy Fairbanks, it's a dinner and a protest
Tents gone, but not Occupy's message
Occupy Lansing kitchen closed
Occupy movement may change if frustrated - when institutions or governments resort to force and less honorable tactics, they already lost power.

OWS: Too Big to Fail

Occupy movement reaches Exeter

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