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Thursday, November 24, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-24-2011 morning

What do Occupy Wall Street protesters really want?

Occupy Homes: Will Taking the Fight to Foreclosed Houses Unleash More Police Violence? - I say occupy before the foreclosures take.  There are many people out there that want to pay for their homes but they are out of work.  So they are out of work then lose their homes and become part of the needy, who need government support to survive.  So the saying can be "The Banks get Bailed out and We get Thrown Out."  Why can't we help these people that want to get jobs.  These people that want to pay their bills.  These people that spiral down and banks just take advantage of their terrible situations to make more money.  Stop foreclosures before they happen.  Or has his it become the American way to hit em even harder while they are down and destroy them if you can.  Occupy foreclosures before they happen.

A ‘small battle in a big war’
Occupy Ann Arbor leaders on a mission to open new 24-hour warming center before winter hits
Occupying Memphis
Foreclosed Homeowners Re-Occupy Their Homes
Occupy Alaska protestors keep vigil despite the cold

SF, LA negotiating to close Occupy encampments
Latest developments in the Occupy protests occurring in places around the world
Occupy Wall Street: Civil society's awakening
Occupy Wall Street Takes On Black Friday Amid Skepticism
With Occupy Toronto, some of the lingering G20 cloud is dispersed - I'm sure this was unintentional but I think this made the U.S.A. police forces look very bad for their response to peaceful protesters.  Now this is a new approach for Toronto too.  So we could say that maybe it is a learning process and a better process attempted than has been done in the past.  

Occupy Philly votes to appeal city's permit offer
Occupy UC Davis campers prepare for weekend, beyond
Occupy protesters plan Black Friday demonstrations
Occupy Wall Street's Librarians Make Demands At Rally

Obama speech interrupted, re-endorses Occupy after month of silence

Occupy Christmas targets Santa - The bad thing IMHO, is that most of the jobs in a consumer run society as we have created in America are the last of the jobs.  Retail and services seem to be most of the jobs left in America (low paying of course).  Unfortunately even though it is probably the right thing to do people can't afford to do it.  This will most likely backfire and hurt the movement IMHO again.

Occupy Atlanta to appeal judge's park decision

He didn't really narrate the Macy's Day Parade with that did he?  Yes, he did, sigh.  He said that Santa always finishes up the parade and signals that it is time to go shopping!  

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