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Thursday, November 24, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-24-2011 afternoon

Nearly half of Americans struggle to get by financially
Occupy protests put spotlight on police tactics
Academics look at Occupy, deficit disorder
Occupy protests: Shop local stores
‘Occupy Petaluma' campaign catches on - Honestly, if you think about it who does a foreclosure benefit?  Some foreclosures have to happen but most are people that want to pay the bills.  Millions of foreclosures don't make sense.  It helps the bankers but not the community, not the people and not the ones being foreclosed on.  Come to reality you lose your job and it takes you six months to find a new one.  Are you willing to refinance or work something with a bank, yes.  The banks aren't even if you have the money.  They will want 1000s if not more in what they call legal fees, over what you owe and want it now.  All for passing that paper across the hall.  They know the people were down and out now they want miracles out of those same people.  It is sad what the system does to those that land up in troubled times.

Occupy Miami can ‘pay it forward’
Occupy Philly today appealed the proposed permit
Occupy Nashville invites Mayor Dean to come and speak
Occupy Boston members mark Thanksgiving with Native Americans in Plymouth

Occupy movement aims to end disparity
Resistance Up Against Nationwide Attacks
Demonstrators Occupy Guatemalan Congress
10 Great Things To Be Thankful For in 2011
Latest developments in the Occupy protests

Occupy movements nationwide celebrate Thanksgiving holiday at makeshift encampments
Consensus, human mic become part of "Occupy" culture
Police crackdowns on Occupy camps are real threat
Occupy Wall Street Group Looks To Open Arts Space - The Art Newspaper
Occupy Toronto protest site cleared

Occupy movement in Philadelphia spurns city offer to move protest
Occupy Toronto, OFL members rally outside city hall
Occupy Boston protesters head to Plymouth for the National Day of Mourning
Police Tactics In Occupy Protests Vary From Crackdowns To 'Peaceful Coexistence'
Occupy protesters plan Black Friday surprises

Occupy LA told camp will be cleared next week
Occupy Boise gears up for Black Friday
Province Letters: Marijuana, Marc Emery, polygamy, Occupy, democracy, Commercial Drive, jail guards
SF, LA negotiating to close Occupy encampments
Pregnant Occupy Protester Miscarries After Being Beaten and Sprayed by Police - well actually I've seen more then one post from different woman stating that this happened.  I hope they are complete bad myths in these cases!  However, as I stated in earlier comments the use of force that has been used  by some officers this could have happened or still could.  Something to think about!  I really hope it hasn't and it doesn't happen.  The next time an officer has riot gear on and they are angry and considering hitting someone that is not posing a threat, I hope they think about this.

Minn. woman to serve turkey to Occupy protesters
It's interesting the demolition of 'Occupy' camps is occurring as we plunge into the season of mass materialism (letter)

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