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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-23-2011

Opening animation for a special Occupy Wall Street screening,
Occupy movement makes camp in Ithaca
Santa Rosa Occupy campers without permits evicted - I guess this can say something about protesting. If you don't have money and set it up with authorities, as they see fit, then you don't have a right to protest.  What I'm hearing is as long as you have a redress of grievance and you do it where, when and how we say then you are ok.  Is the next step to tell us why we can protest something (oops, I think that is already being applied via social engineering and media too.).  Can I ask what good would a protest be if someone else controls nearly every aspect of it?  Also, isn't the lack of money one of things many of these people are protesting?

Occupy Philly votes to appeal city's permit offer
Occupy Jackson allowed to stay
Godbee praises Occupy Detroit protesters for peaceful demonstrations
Occupy Seattle may face eviction soon
Mayor Ed Lee's office tries to relocate Occupy SF

Occupy Wall street protests cost nation's cities at least $13 mn - Now my question is did the "occupy" movement cost this much or did the police state created by officials, pepper spray, brutality and arrests cost this much?

Occupy Wall Street puts nation on notice - "The U.S. Census Bureau reports about 100 million Americans — 1 in 3 — live in or perilously close to poverty. Many are working but rely on food stamps, government agencies and charity to feed, clothe and provide medical care to their children. Most have too few resources to see a dentist regularly or even subscribe to a daily newspaper. They rely on cars, often because decent housing is much too costly near their work, and are forced to live too inconveniently from grocery stores, other services and multiple jobs to practically rely on public transportation."

Occupy Wall Street: Wrong target, lack of focus, dearth of solutions - Why would anyone redirect their focus toward something that has proven time and time again that is bought and paid for and can't get anything done.  I think for the time being they have directed the focus in the right direction. The people pulling the puppets strings.  Until those strings are cut, it is wasted energy to direct at the puppet regime itself.  The ones pulling the strings need targeting until then.  It doesn't help to target the messenger now does it.

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