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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-23-2011 evening

Occupy Columbia protesters sue SC Gov. Haley
Occupy Wall Street: Can filmmaking website unify the movement?
NYPD Orders Officers Not to Interfere With Press

On Wall Street's Occupation and the Environment
Occupy Wall Street plans benefit album for itself
Occupy Wall Street protesters decry ‘corporate’ Black Friday, call off Egypt trip
Occupy Wall Street's Egyptian Expedition Gets Messy
The Books Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Reading Now, From Economics to the Politics of Power

Inside Occupy Wall Street’s Growing Student Protests
Best signs of Occupy Wall Street protests
Could Occupy Wall Street protesters be sued for Black Friday tactic?
Occupy protesters: 3,000 books destroyed in raid
Internet memes sprout around Occupy movement, from pepper-spraying cop to Occupy Sesame Street

Occupy L.A. walks out of meeting with city after eviction threat
University chancellor under pressure after campus police pepper-spray students at Occupy camp
Next for the Occupy Movement: Target and Drive Corporate Shills Out of Congress
Police crackdowns on Occupy camps are real threat
Seattle police probe protester's miscarriage claim - First, I hope there was no miscarriage.  However, going out to march or protest peacefully should not be a danger to those involved, especially from the police.  The many clips I've seen, the force used has been out of proportion and very violent towards the protesters.   There are children, grandparents, woman and men of all ages.  The force that I've seen used in many cases could have killed a lot of people and we have all been lucky at this point that more people have not been killed.  Please use the force needed and appropriate to the situation and not the force to intimidate and scare people from going out there.  Even if this woman is exaggerating and in this case I hope she is, this could have easily happened in clips such as this:
Occupy Cal 11/9/11 PART 1 
Miscarriage at Occupy Seattle - I'm so glad some one pointed out blame the victim scenario here!  Thank you and for those so quick to condemn find some humanity please.

Occupy Y'all Street: OWS Movement Takes Shape In Gainesville

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