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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-22-2011 evening

Protester hands note to Obama
Occupy: The Evolution of a Revolution
Occupy UC Davis Calls Nov. 28 General Strike to Shut Down CA Campuses,
Petaluma City Council backs Occupy's push to delay foreclosures
Occupy Sacramento Lawyer Demands 'Arrest' of UC Davis Police for Pepper Spray

House Democrat: Occupy the Constitution!
Pregnant Woman Blasted with Pepper Spray by SPD Says She Miscarried
Photos | Occupy Seattle Protests
Occupy Wall Street's first fatality
Occupy Wall Street? How about De-Occupy Black Friday!

Shepard Fairey Changes Unpopular 'Occupy Hope' Poster Under Pressure
Filming Safely and Effectively at Occupy Wall Street and Beyond
Occupy Wall Street protesters confront Obama in N.H.; descend on D.C.
NYPD ‘Loses’ the Occupy Wall Street Wikileaks Truck
‘Occupy Wall Street’ UC Davis protests escalate after pepper spray use sparks anger

Judge gives Occupy Wall Street lawyers an extension to expand their lawsuit against the city and Brookfield
Weary, blistered Wall Street protesters reach DC
Lone Citizen Journalist Tapes Occupy Wall Street Raid After Press Chased Away
Ai Weiwei Comments on Occupy Wall Street and More in Live Online Fan Q&A

Pepper spraying Occupy officer previously honored
Occupy LA to consider decamping
'Mic check': OWS protesters heckle Obama, Ron Paul at speeches
Occupy Philly must end overnight camping, city says
Occupy campers pitch tents at foreclosed lot in West Oakland

Occupy protester to commissioners: Invite the 99% to Houston
Occupy Berkeley
'Occupy the Highway' marchers complete 2-week, 240-mile trek from New York to DC
Occupy Athens Scores Victory As Commissioners Place 90-Day Hold On Wal-Mart Construction

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