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Monday, November 21, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-21-2011 night

15 cited for trespassing following 'Occupy' and anti-foreclosure
Occupy Wall Street protesters finish journey from Zuccotti Park to D.C.
Journalists protest Occupy Wall St police handling
Occupy Wall Street Moves Into New Phase With Student Debt Refusal Campaign
Occupy Wall Street crashes Ron Paul event

Union members join 'Occupy' rally to protest eviction
The Occupy Movement's Woman Problem
Occupy Student Debt Campaign Announces Nationwide Loan Refusal Pledge
In light of Occupy Bangor dispute, city to hold meeting on use of public parks
Sentiment souring toward Occupy DC after break-in

Occupy Denver is a movement in flux
Boulder police issue 11 tickets to Occupy Boulder supporters outside county courthouse
Occupy CR Eviction Saga
City Councilor Goes to Bat for 'Occupy Duluth' Protesters
Poll: 6 in 10 indifferent about Occupy movement

Occupy Austin protesters file lawsuit
'Occupy SF' protesters concerned about raid
City Hall vandalized after Occupy protest
Occupy Colorado Springs evicted by cops after mayor denies renewal of camping permit
Walking Into Washington, Protesters Will Be Marching Occupy Into The Future

Occupy Wall Stree: Actions In Solidarity With Egypt
Occupy proposes housing rally, tents at Statehouse
Occupy protesters challenge curfew
AFL-CIO urges unions to treat Occupy DC as picket line
Occupy Harrisburg protesters relocated

Cops Shoot Guy in ‘Business Casual’ Firing Rifle at Occupy Houston
Washington, DC, Other Cities Liberate Unoccupied Buildings for the 99%
Occupy movement: police reaction in pictures
Lawyer accuses Denver of rights abuses during Occupy Wall Street movement
New York Media Demands Meeting With NYPD Commissioner About Treatment Of Press At Occupy Wall Street

Deutsche Bank tightens screws on Occupiers
Wall Street Unoccupied as 200,000 Job Cuts Bring 'Darkest Days'
Poll: 'Occupy' movement fails to capture Americans' interest

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