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Monday, November 21, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-21-2011 evening

Occupy Santa Rosa to picket downtown mall Friday
Occupy Los Angeles Holds Strong, Plans Rally at Sunday's American Music Awards
Why Occupy should not make a list of formal demands.

Time to Test Corporate Leaders to Weed out Psychopaths
Lt John Pike UC Davis Pepper Spray Prompts Historic Occupy Lawsuit
"Student Loan Justice"
Occupy Movement tells MoveOn: Back Off!
If they enforced 

Here’s what attempted co-option of OWS looks like
Occupy Call for West Coast Port Shutdown Sets Stage for Clash with Authority - The problem with not doing something like this is the 1 percent ignores you.  They go off to Bermuda and have a good weekend and can care less if people are losing jobs or losing homes.  As a matter of fact they make money off those problems.  So if you don't hit them where it hurts them the 99 percent lose out bigger than the event would hurt them anyway.

Occupy Wall Street T-Shirts
Occupy Toronto appeals for sanctuary
Occupy Indianapolis Breaks into Two Groups; Protesters Leave the Statehouse
'Occupy' movement energized by large NY protests
Elements of Style as Occupy Movement Evolves

Norquist: Occupy movement ‘will be very helpful in 2012′
occupy > Images
Occupy Wall Street censorship: A relative question
Wall Street Endures
Occupy Wall Street After Zuccotti: Protesters Debate Whether They Need A Place To 'Occupy'

Here's What Happened When Occupy Wall Street Became Occupy Bloomberg
Morici: Occupy Wall Street Puts Nation on Notice

Occupy protestors find some oddly common ground with Tea Party
Occupy Wall Street warned not to disrupt Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade
As long as Obama remains silent

Occupy Harvard Crimson
Gingrich: Child labor laws 'truly stupid' - I'm speechless at this point and don't know what to say about this one.

Total Number of Occupy Wall Street Arrests: 4,619… -  This is supposed to be negative on the movement?   It points me to the belief that we are in a police state; when protesters in America are being arrested in these numbers.

Q&A: Wall Street insider chronicles its problems in book

Students identify with Occupy Wall Street protests
For Big Labor 'Occupy' Outbursts Are a Carefully Nurtured Strategic Weapon - What can I say it is fox news with more dishonest propaganda.  As one song recently stated, "We Can't Make It Here".

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