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Monday, November 21, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-21-2011 afternoon

Walsh: Occupy Movement 'Anti-American'
Warsaw protester launches drone to spy on police
Occupy Wall Street Needs Robokopter's
Occupy Movement Expanding to Oregon Suburbs, Rural Areas
Artist Behind Iconic ‘HOPE’ Poster Makes New One For Occupy Wall Street

Repression of Occupy Oakland Continues
Occupy London: inside the ‘Bank of Ideas’
Occupy Musicians Website Launches
Occupy Ottawa Protesters Not Deterred by Evictions in Other Cities
3,000 Occupy Tahrir Square After Clashes With Riot Police

Occupy Wall Street And The Importance Of Creative Protest - The feeling of futile battles to only be assimilated by the system and resolving little or nothing have been a strong roll in keeping many groups, cultures and societies apathetic.  Can the "occupy" movements change that?  Will they stay innovative and be different?  Many people are starting to think so.  However, there are a whole lot more people left to convince!  There is a powerful structure that is against change of the current status qou.  Now is the time to even get even more determined and creative.  The movement appears to be on the edge of a tipping point and the question will be answered with a bit of time whether it will continue to climb higher.  I think it is going to continue climbing all the way to the peak, IMHO.  The people have been tired, frustrated and fed up for a long time now, and I really think they don't have any choice but to climb or lay down and die.  By nature I see people as fighters and more are going to climb than lay down and die.

NY Times' Carr: Occupy Wall Street At A 'Tipping Point' - lol, the basics of any battle might be know thy enemy but don't let them know you.  I always said the Americans are difficult to beat in battles and wars because they never really knew what they might do next.  So how in the world could the enemy plan or plot against them.  In the case of the "occupy" movements it holds true even stronger.  Who are the leaders?  What is your goals?  What is the agenda? Why are you doing this?  If there are no leaders or many leaders and no limited goals, how do you co-opt something that is limitless?  How do you belittle and discredit the leaders when they are all the leaders?  The movement is ingenious and true to heart and that is why it has become so strong.  I have no doubt this movement can create jobs and even make dreams happen.  I think it already has for some.

Mika Brzezinski Hammers Newt Gingrich Over Occupy Wall Street Comments -  Only deserving for Gingrich to be slammed for such ridiculous, shameful, disgraceful, inconsiderate and uncompassionate words by someone running for any office let alone the presidency.  Everyone of the presidential candidates that have generalized like this have lost all my respect.  They not only owe a sincere apology to the people involved in these protests but to all of people in this nation.

Special protection? OWS drums blocked from Bloomy's house
Credit Unions Get Bump From Occupy Wall Street Movement - bump, bumP, buMP, bUMP and BUMP.
Rally protests Occupy Portland camp eviction
Occupy lawyer asks Brown to arrest police for pepper spray incident
Court grants Occupy Toronto protesters last-minute stay after eviction order

City insists on proper permit as Occupy Bangor stays in Peirce Park
Police clear out last Occupy Oakland camp
"Occupy Flash" and "Occupy HTML" Websites Fight War of Propaganda
‘Occupy’ gains ground
The Occupy Movement: Queer Money Matters

‘Occupy’ Protest Permit Expires, Police Remove Structures
Occupy Duluth and Police Avoid Clash as Camp Clears Out
Occupy SF protesters pitch tents, shut down Market Street after raid
Occupy America: The World Is Listening, Are We?
Occupy MN protesters return to foreclosed home

'Occupy' protesters effective despite authorities' efforts
Moving day gets closer for Occupy Philly
Is it Time to Occupy CIO?
Charges dropped against 12 Occupy Albany protesters
Occupy Albany creates new plan for nightly protests at Lafayette Park

Occupy Detroit spending last day in Grand Circus Park
Occupy Nashville Stand Their Ground Despite Weather
Shepard Fairey’s Occupy Hope poster—"Mr President, we HOPE you’re on our side"
Occupy Harvard Goes After Campus Visitors
Occupy Dallas Saturday, Nov. 26th March

Hundreds join Occupy Denver march for an eighth straight Saturday
Tell the University of California: Ban the use of chemical agents and physical violence against peaceful protesters

(Un)Occupy Albuquerque Taking Protest Online
Occupy Salem to challenge eviction
Occupy protesters in Columbia face Monday deadline
OCCUPY APOLOGY: An Occupy Des Moines figure offers an apology for actions that got him arrested

Occupy KFC Demonstrators Called on the Company to Green its Buckets
Occupy brings change
Occupy Miami: Guerrilla Gardening and Extreme Healthy Cooking
Occupy for RH launched to pressure legislators on vote
Kankakee: Occupy protesters allowed to set up camp

Supercommittee failure one reason Occupy protesters are marching
Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested outside Mayor's home
The Free Market Case for Occupying Wall Street

Occupy Congress
Ry Cooder Writes Song for Occupy: “Wall Street Part of Town”
The Heroes of Wall Street Are Actually Barred From Wall Street
How Underground Comics Are Inspiring The Occupy Movement

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