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Sunday, November 20, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-20-2011 morning

Elements of Style as Occupy Movement Evolves - Hasn't it always been the consumer truly in charge of the situation and everyone in the right place just builds their success around that?  In this case it just happens to be the political/humanity citizen that is letting people setup their success around them.

Occupy Fairbanks: Do protesters have a 'right to warmth'? - Here is the truth if it is not obvious to all by now.  The authorities and powers to be are willing to risk the lives of American citizens  to undermine protests and possibly gain propaganda.  They would take the little heat protection someone has for the sake of breaking the spirits of these protesters or possibly injuring or killing one of them.  After all that has been seen, you can't tell me once they take the protection and heat away if someone is hurt, injured or dies this will be used as an excuse to close it down.

Outrage over police pepper-spraying students
Occupy Wall Street: So What?
Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party have similarities - This writer is still fooled with different ends of the spectrum.  There is no spectrum, there is just people...and if you want to use a spectrum lets make it more real there isn't two ends.  You might say there are really 64 million colors and the same with ideas and people.  Most people are both ends of the spectrum if you really want to keep it focused that small.

Revealed: The secret $850,000 plan by lobbyists to undermine Occupy Wall Street - I'm sure there is lots more money than this already going into going into undermining the occupy movement.  So no wonder the paid for politicians and media are jumping on the bandwagon to break apart the movement.  However, every step they take to does seem to work just the opposite.

Long before Occupy Wall Street, artist took on social injustice
Occupy protests: November 2011
Defiant Occupy Oakland protesters seize 'new home'
Occupy Las Vegas protesters hate Wall Street but love America
Whole world watches city’s shameful response to Occupy Wall Street protest

Ed Koch: NYPD 'Acted Superbly' in Ousting Occupy -  You may need to expand your reading and watching habits beyond corporate owned TV, radio and newspapers to understand and see the real truth.  Sad but all I can say is shame on you.

Occupy Wall Street's future course unclear
Occupy D.C. part of movement that spread
New York state relies on Wall Street's revenues
Occupy Protests Come to the Eastside
FKTV’s Michele Seven Reports from Occupy Wall St.

Decamping to an Office on Wall Street
Where Occupy Wall Street must go from here
How Will the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Vote?
Occupy Wall Street protests may realign the nation's political order

Occupy Wall Street Leader Reportedly Pitches Golden Tent at 5-Star Hotel - There are no leaders.  FOXFOxFoxfox what else can I say.  Why I still feel for the dying news cast I'll never know.  Guess it is not the news cast but the so many people that have been manipulated by them.

Occupy Wall Street protests are actually a call for free markets
Knoxville's Occupation takes a different approach
A prime aim of the growing Surveillance State

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