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Sunday, November 20, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-20-2011 evening

[UPDATE] NYPD Officer Answers Questions About Occupy Wall Street On Reddit
NYPD cops block Occupy Wall Street protestors from drumming outside Mayor Bloomberg’s townhouse - Here is two quotes from the article above:
 “It's noisy. It's silly. The mayor's probably either in South Hampton or Bermuda. You're torturing all these people here and it makes no sense,” said David Gordon, 62, a college professor from Queens.

Ellen Epstein, a retiree from Midtown who was also trying to get to a meeting, called the protest ridiculous.
“They're all insane. They belong in Bellevue,” she said. “The mayor wouldn't even be able to hear it. The whole thing is a joke.”

(blogcruiser: However, none of this is a joke and I'm glad that as far as the other person feels that many of us out here belong in Bellevue. )

How Occupy Wall Street Can Restore Clout of the 99%: Scott Turow
UC President "appalled" at UC Davis pepper spray incident
Police clear Oakland protest camp without incident
Ohio man aiding Occupy Wall Street protesters busted for illegal gun possession - If you lived in South Carolina, Alaska or many other states and didn't have a gun in the truck people would consider you crazy.  There are different cultures all over the U.S.A. and it may sound crazy to some but then others it sounds crazy to be being arrested for having a gun.  It all just depends where you are from.

Who knew Occupy Wall Street is already the law of the land?
Occupy our consciences
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Journalist Aaron Klein Exposes "Occupy Wall Street
60 days of Occupy Wall Street: in pictures
'Gossip Girl' Stars Occupy Cipriani Wall Street
Exclusive: Obama Facing No Support From Wall Street CEOs
Occupy Thanksgiving - I guess everything wants to use the occupy tag now-a-days...

Occupy Wall Street Posters: Shepard Fairey, Eric Drooker, James Victore And More
Wait, Some Of The Occupy Wall Streeters Have Money?
Defending Occupy Wall Street A No-No On Fox News Sunday
Keystone Kops, or Preoccupied with Occupied

Protest Puts Coverage in Spotlight
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