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Saturday, November 19, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-19-2011 evening

Packed Into Foley Square, but How Tightly Is a Mystery - So now they don't give out estimates?  However, everyone keeps putting out very low estimates of the actual large crowds, unless it is some place with a small crowd.  This all sounds like very sad answers.

Let it spread, Over 200,000 occupy Foley Square, Brooklyn Bridge #OWS - Well this one is probably over but I'm sure that maybe a few thousand that many MSM reported is way low.  Foley Square and many other people spread all over the city and other parks merged on this location in the evening.  So lets get some math people to give a real estimate with the different footage there is available.  My guess is about 50 thousand people or so showed up for this event across the bridge.  Just by all the different accounts and misinformation to the public from everywhere.  This of course doesn't include the many other events in support of this event around the country and world.   Where was the media and government coverage and information on this event?  WHY so quiet, it is very concerning.

Media Can Avoid NYPD Arrest By Getting Press Pass They Can’t Get - Double-speak and Orwellian at its finest straight from New York's finest.

"Occupy" Actions Across the Country - Video from the real news.

Why Occupy Wall Street will keep up the fight - Nice post and explanation from these writers.  They have done such a great job at getting this all started and it is a conversation that can and will not end.  If it did stop now then the rest of us have quit on our own country.  A soft change, I like that, like maybe it is time to change the Operating System from Windows to Linux or something else.

‘Occupy Paw Street’ Protesters get boost from their loyal pals
Vilifying Rival, Wall St. Rallies for Senate Ally
Newt Gingrich On Occupy Wall Street: Protesters Should 'Get A Job' And 'Take A Bath' - The problem is that many of those out there with have a job, maybe two or three jobs and still can't afford to pay their bills.  Or they have been looking for work for two years and haven't been able to get a job at all.  Hearing this out of any Presidential Candidate is shameful and disgraceful.  Any politician that uses this type of tactic should be stripped of everything they own, tarred, feathered and run out of town.

Elizabeth Warren Declines To Sign Occupy Harvard Petition
College Students Take Part In National Protest
Occupy the Agenda
Buy Nothing Day: Adbusters' role in the global Occupy movement - I say in the U.S.A. do it for the entire weekend after Thanksgiving.

AntiSec retaliates against police for Occupy Wall Street crackdown
Occupy Big Food Rally Set For 1 PM Across From Zuccotti Park Today
[UPDATE] Some At Pace University Sick Of NYPD "Protecting" Them From Occupy Wall Street
NYPD make sure Wall Street protesters get the message... by using blaring military sound amplifiers

Wall Street protesters in Denver march for 8th week; no confrontations with police
Were this week's Occupy movement crackdowns a coordinated effort? - Of course they were, to even think for a second that they weren't would be ignoring reality.  Every law enforcement agency from homeland security to local police departments are paid to watch these things.  The interesting thing to ponder is how they are handling all this and then to wonder why they are handling it in the manner they are?  Media being muffled, propaganda being paid for and manipulated,  police state tactics and information being squelched is all very concerning.

Daily Occupations Report Nov. 18, 2011
Oakland protesters rally in streets, vow to take over park
It’s not hijacking, Bloomberg - there is no hijacking going on here it is the majority of Americans that know things are morally wrong and they are tired of getting the raw end of the deal, no matter how hard they work.  Oh unless they are willing to hurt, kill, ruin and cheat others then they have the chance of becoming part of the elitist class.  It is not truly a class warfare against the financial 1 percent going on it is about a 1 percent elitist dishonest/no morals class that the rest of America is ready to fight, which can and does include some of the financial one percent.  The unions have not hijacked the "occupy" movement in any way.  They both have some mutual grounds that they are willing to work together on and that is where it stands and stops.  They seem to be doing a better job at working together than most of our political and financial leaders are today.  And if our political and financial leaders are working together successfully then that just proves the points of both the unions and occupiers.

Class Warfare at Occupy Wall Street - Does this mark an end.  I don't think so at all.  I see it as only the start of something about to grow much bigger.

In Conference Call, Left-Wing Institute for Policy Studies Plans Post-Zuccotti #OccupyWallStreet Movement - The parks were a symbol and powerful.  The parks were used to get people together and coordinate along with motivating the messages.  There are private spaces that can be made available.  There are many other parks that have jamborees and festivals all the time.  Utilize them just as everyone else does.  Coordinate virtually and other means as is still being done.  The movement is as many have said, leaderfull not leaderless.   It will bend and flow like wind and water, any support mechanisms (that do not want to co-opt/or take over) need to do the same.  Think out of the box and it is not as hard as we make it!  

Occupy Wellington march to Lambton Quay and back
Worries about Fed involvement in 'Occupy' crackdowns 'overblown,' says official - any concept that the federal government would not have been involved since the start would be naive.

Rudy Giuliani would crush Occupy Wall Street? Oh, for shame - lol, yes he is a tuff guy if he wants to think so...
Fink, Gross Discuss Occupy Wall Street, Politics
Outlaw Congressional Insider Trading
Occupy protests: November 2011

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