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Friday, November 18, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-18-2011 morning

Third Eye Blind Pens Occupy Wall Street Anthem
Like Occupy Wall Street, Maxwell Davies’ new “protest” opera proves more noisy than effective
Occupy Wall Street ends 'Day of Action' with march across Brooklyn Bridge

No traffic snarls expected after Occupy 'day of action'
Journalists Get Arrested During Occupy Wall Street, Tweet About It, Then Get Scolded By The AP
Mass arrests at Occupy Wall Street protests
Occupy Wall Street protesters are arrested in New York, march on Key Bridge in D.C.
Occupy Wall Street protests held around Michigan

Tracking Journalists Arrested at Occupy Protests
Four Cornellians Arrested in Occupy Wall Street Protest
Police clashes mar Occupy Wall Street protests

Tea party targets the weak - neither should be compared...
Who Are the Occupiers?  - both are just citizens looking for answers...
So I guess for the two above I suggest stop labeling each and dividing yourselves and come together for new and better solutions.

Even in Churches, Wall Street Protesters Can’t Escape Watch of Police
Occupy Wall Street Evicted by $174.5 Million Subsidized Firm
Bears Occupy Wall Street'
Seven of NYPD's Finest injured amid Occupy Wall Street chaos

Wall St. protestors celebrate two months

Will Occupy Wall Street rain on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Occupy Wall Street Anniversary: Mayor Bloomberg Responds
Occupy Chicago Participates in National Day of Action

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