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Friday, November 18, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-18-2011 evening

Portland pepper spray incident generates iconic Occupy photo
Dispatches from Dewey Square: What Boston can learn from Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street Crackdowns: Was The Federal Government Involved?
GOPers Cain and Romney rip Occupy Wall Street,  analysts debate how movement will affect 2012
Dispatches from Dewey Square: What Boston can learn from Wall Street

Protesters Shutting Down the Subway? Depends on What You Watch
NYPD Police Chief's Son Is Fox's On-Air Anti-Occupy Wall Street Activist
House Democrat: Occupy the Constitution!
Who Smashed the Laptops from Occupy Wall Street? Inside the NYPD's Lost and Found
Occupy Memphis, Tea Party Members Meet

Occupy Wall Street and Political Action
Occupy Wall Street - a chaplain's perspective pt. 2
Ready riot cops whack back at OWS hooligans
Occupy at Two Months: Unions, Anarchists, and What’s Next
Bloomberg’s big mistake: He should never have uprooted Occupy Wall Street from their Zuccotti Park hub 

Occupy Wall Street human rights hero Scott Olsen regains freedom of speech
Rudy Giuliani Says He Would've Booted Occupy Wall Street On 'Day One'
Do we support Occupy Wall Street?
In Case You Missed It: Occupy Wall Street Put A Bat Signal Message On The Verizon Building Last Night

National Day of Action against State Repression of the Occupy Movement
Why I Occupy
Wall Street Protesters Occupy Subway in Harlem
‘Occupy‘ protests lure vets
Occupy Wall Street's Day of Action: A Morning After Recap

CEO of business group calls local Occupy Wall Street protest "hobo camp," says it's time to pack it in
Occupy Wall Street protestors to be ousted from Riverfront Park by Harrisburg police today
Hacker Group Attacks Cop, Claims Solidarity With Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street supporters stage Volusia rallies
'Occupy' occupies student's thoughts

Alternate "Occupy" movements sweep the nation
Dorli Rainey's History of Activism Before She Became an Occupy Icon
Latest developments in the Occupy protests
Occupy Philly awaits permits; more arrests at bank
Occupy Wall Street comes to Milford

Occupy Wall Street is facing orchestrated resistance from the corporate-owned government
14 arrested in anti-Wall Street protests at UCLA
Yes, 47% of Households Owe No Taxes. Look Closer
Occupy Wall Street protesters cross into Md. on way to DC
Occupy Oakland Protests Regroup at Berkeley

MSNBC And Fox Apparently Of Different Minds On Occupy Wall Street
Music Money Roundup: Sony-EMI, Google Music, Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street protest in St. George Ferry Terminal has tense moment
Good Jobs Now, Occupy Detroit March In Solidarity With National Occupy Protests
Joe Rogan and The 99%

"Day Of Action" Ends With Brooklyn Bridge March, Manhattan Rallies
Occupy Newark Under Way in Military Park
Occupy Wall Street Independent Media Team
Occupy KC has avoided trouble, and the spotlight
Occupy FAU strikes on Occupy Wall Street International Day of Action

Occupy Wall Street updates from far flung corners of the world
Corporate power grows stronger as government wanes

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