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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-16-2011 morning

Occupy Wall St.: Retired Philly police captain shows up in uniform in solidarity at Zucotti
Anti-Wall Street protests take root on Harvard lawn
Women in Custody Being Harassed, Police Protocols In Question
New York park reopened to Occupy activists

New York Police in Riot Gear Clear ‘Occupy’ Protesters From Zuccotti Park
Melbourne’s Occupy Wall Street Supporters Ordered to Leave
Occupy Seattle marches, faces police in streets
Occupy Wall Street plans more marches & protests; drivers should avoid Union Square, Brooklyn Bridge

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Face New Security Checks, Tent-less Days And Nights
Latest developments in the Occupy protests
Occupy Wall Street and the Return of Law and Order Politics
Letter: The Occupy Wall Street protests are shaming America - Wow, this is what you call a solution?  Bring back a draft.  Now the one problem with that idea, is the U.S. government can't even afford the volunteer force they have let alone start drafting people.  I guess people should be drafted and do it for no pay too. Now for calling out the national guard.  Just what I expect eventually, why because some will justify and want to see violence by inciting it.  What can you do?
Crackdowns reach epicenter of Wall Street protests - another editorial piece, filled with opinions and sways rather than just the news.

Dems declare support for Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street Supporter Releases Debut Anti-Greed, Anti-War Novel
Students protest at several California universities
Former US Labor head Reich addresses Occupy crowd
Obama: Each city must decide how to handle Occupy Wall Street demonstrations

Sachs: Why Occupy Wall Street is critical to America's future
Occupy movement stays peaceful in cash-poor Vegas
Wall Street Protesters ‘Occupy Woodlawn’
Yes, Occupy Wall Street has to end. And so must the greedy behaviour of the wealthy few
According to Morgan's Corner, Occupiers' real message: Fix our finances or get out

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