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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-16-2011 evening

Journalists detained at NYC Occupy Wall Street’s protests
Churches Open Doors To Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Occupy Columbia protesters arrested
Occupy Wall Street: Homeless but not hopeless
Occupy Wall Street: The Next Chapter - What will "We do Now" not what will they do is a great question!

Bridge the Divide
Occupy Wall Street camps are today's Hoovervilles
AP Staff Scolded For Tweeting Too Quickly About Occupy Wall Street
Is the occupy protest sparking a new political movement?

Angry 'Occupy' Protesters Plan to Take It to the Streets, as Some Threaten Violence - I'm beyond displeased with the MSM coverage of this non-partisan movement that so many like fox want to be partisan.  How could the people get together and work things out?  Sheesh, Congress can't and the 1 percent can't what in the world would make anyone think that the citizens could?  All the media outlets want there to be a side and certain demands so they can label it.
AIG's Miller Says Occupy Wall Street Has 'Simplistic View' - What can I say. I'm sure that we are all just simpletons. We need to let him along with his cronies continue to make choices that line a few peoples pockets and lets the rest of us stay unemployed.

Questlove Warned Occupy Wall Street Protesters About Police Raid
Occupy Wall Street supporters to rally in Salisbury
Occupy Wall Street Library Partially Recovered After Eviction
The ‘Occupy All Streets’ Saga
Occupy Wall Street Porn: LA-Based Porn Company Pink Visual Stands United With Occupy Movement 

Occupy Wall Street Groups Protest Foreclosure, Try To Halt Evictions
Justice Dept: Homeland Security Advised Raids On Occupy Wall Street Camps
Occupy Wall Street Protesters Warned of Police Descent By Unlikely Celebrity
Occupy Wall Street, Olympus, UBS, BP, Boeing in Court News
What Next for Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy Wall Street: EU power message to Gen'l Assemblies about Am Revolution II
Day of action planned after Occupy camp cleared
Assembly held to bring Occupy Wall Street to Queens
Pregnant teen, elderly woman among Occupy protesters hit with pepper spray in Seattle
Undaunted by Crackdown, Occupy Wall Street and New York Activists Plan Massive Day of Action

Mayor Bloomberg Creates Media Blackout of Occupy Wall Street
Did White House Shooter Come from 'Occupy' Rally? - I think he may have stopped by foxnews for a while too.  So I wonder if foxnews was involved with this at all, hmmm?   Could be, we may have to add 24 hour surveillance to foxnews.  As a matter of fact, I think we need to add barricades, police and search all foxnews employees as they go in or out of any buildings for a while, until we are sure anyway.

Occupy Wall Street NYC Photos, 16 November 2011
Occupy Silicon Valley, 'Wall Street of the West'
Australian Occupy Wall Street Supporters Ordered to Remove Melbourne Camp
Inside Occupy Wall Street’s (Kinda) Secret Media HQ
Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology Published Online

Occupy Wall Street: Midland Group, unemployed workers plan protests
Escalation at Occupy Wall Street: What It Really Means
Eviction notices posted on Occupy London tents
First book on Occupy Wall Street now available: "This Changes Everything"
Jewish 99 percent: An Occupy Wall Street-like movement

Now Appearing At Occupy Wall Street: Yellow-Vested Security Guards Who Work For Brookfield
Occupy NoVa plans march to Key Bridge
Pro-gun vote in House...Vets to get job help... Occupy Wall Street plans civil disobedience in NYC
Calif. Occupy protests focus on cuts to education
A Guide to the Occupy Wall Street API, Or Why the Nerdiest Way to Think About OWS Is So Useful

Veterans attacked and arrested at Occupy Boston
Journalists arrested during "media blackout" as police evict Occupy Wall Street protesters from New York City park
Occupy Wall Street scatters as Occupy Wilmington gathers
2016: Bloomberg vs. Occupy Wall Street #ows #openprotest

Occupy Wall Street Exclusive: Protester Details His Tuesday Arrest and Incarceration
A Lesson for Labor From Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Crackdown: Legal Groups Demand Records of Federal Involvement

Just had to ponder this thought with all the occupying going on, no wonder so many homeless people hide away places because if they are in public view, they land up in jail.

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