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Sunday, November 13, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-13-2011 morning

Time to get hungry for U.S. poverty solutions

Vince Cable: I sympathise with Occupy London protesters at St Paul's
Occupy Wall Street takes a new direction
Police, Occupy protesters head for Ore. showdown
Introducing the Omnius Manifesto
'Occupy Wall Street' protesters confront nightmare

Some cities act against anti-Wall St protests
Occupy Wall Street arrests & evictions: Albany, Denver, St. Louis, San Diego, Portland, and… Oakland?
Occupy protest hits the road in Bucks
OCUPPY WALL STREET Searching for System Based on Justice & Equity
Not much to Occupy here: We're richer in Marathon County but have fewer '1 percenters'

First Nations discuss Capitalism and Occupy Wall Street movements
Local man gets education on Occupy Wall Street protest
Economy as Prelude to Violence: Wall Street vs The Middle Class?  - It sad that many have known this for years and collect more money to build bigger fortresses for them to hide in. When there is always a choice.  There has always been enough for all but it takes a social consciousness and much less greed to accomplish the better choices.

Occupy Wall Street, indignants movements hit Germany
Class War? Occupy Wall Street, Unions Protest at Sotheby’s–8 Arrested 
ANOTHER VIEW: Is Occupy Wall Street off base or on target?
Showdown between Occupy Portland, police
Joe Orso: Listen to the voices of Occupy Wall Street

'Occupy' marchers cheered in Highland Park; head to Washington
City officials concerned over Occupy factions
Police in Denver Move on Protesters
Do you want equality or freedom?
Financial regulation remains weak - I don't see numbers falling but rising everywhere.

Occupy Atlanta honors veterans, blasts Wall Street
At Occupy Camps, Veterans Bring the Wars Home
Maria Gaura: Local government is not Occupy's enemy
Wallace Baine, Baine Street: We hear America singing
In Occupied America!

Tickets piling up for Occupy protesters in Olympic Plaza

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