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Saturday, November 12, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-13-2011 early morning

The Grass Is Closed: an Occupy Cal protester, on police and power
Police: Occupy San Francisco protesters attack officers
JAY-Z -Occupy T-Shirts Disappear Amid Criticism
Star-Ledger Videos:
‘Occupy’ movement winning hearts and minds in the ‘lucky country’

Educated And Jobless: What's Next For Millennials?
Occupy movement forms in San Bernardino
Mulling Third Party Bid, Buddy Roemer Reaches Out to Occupy Wall Street
City Issues Eviction Notices to 'Occupy Oakland'
Five Reasons Why Veterans Are Part Of The 99 Percent

24 arrested at Occupy Albany
Occupy Clear Out: State Police raid Occupy Albany compound
Occupy Law Enforcement
Occupy Oakland and News Media Coexist Uneasily
Minimalist Protest

Occupy Poughkeepsie protestors hold rally in park
Occupy New Brunswick forms off of protest road trip
Occupy Movement Taking Root in Brookings
Did Metro New York Manipulate OWS Photographer For Front Page Controversy?
After 19 arrests, some in SLC head to Occupy Ogden

Trash for the political class
A narrower focus could blunt force of the protest
FORUM: OWS a ray of hope
The 99 percent
Occupy Portland Official

Being middle class today is a struggle
Most “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters HAVE Jobs
The OccupyUSA Blog: Special Weekend Edition!

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