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Sunday, November 13, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-13-2011 afternoon

Occupy Portland protest sites emptying out
Occupy protesters defy eviction order in Oregon
Occupy Chattanooga protestors live, sleep and eat together
One Simple Thing to Support OWS
The Police Riot At Berkeley: If They'll Beat A Poet Laureate, Will They Kill A Student?

New generation of music central to protest
Sunday Sermon: Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street?
Occupy Wall Street Protesters Remain Defiant Worldwide
Gingrich: I am for the 100 Percent
Anarchy as an Ideal? - It is sad that many can't see what and why these revolts are happening.  I keep hearing that cell phones, computers and i pods are the very instruments of capitalism, which they are not.  So, I guess any country that is not capitalist doesn't have these items and never would with out capitalism?  Also most of the people involved are not whining because someone is richer or that capitalism is no good.  Corruption is NO good.  Never being able to dig out of a financial hole that you were setup and sold into indentured servitude is NO good.  Giving the government money at no charge so that you have a safe retirement with social security was good.  Now they have the nerve to call it an entitlement is NO good!  If you gave money to any bank or business to hold onto and they decided that they would change all the terms near the end or not give you anything back would be a certain crime.

Even Oakland’s undercover cops say OPD has gone too far against Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Portland protesters defy eviction order in Oregon

Occupy Wall Street is many things, but one thing it's not is partisan
ex-Soviet reports from Occupy LA - Envy, lol, that might seem relevant but it is far from the real reasons.  Envy, let see the banks were bailed out with actually trillions if you take a look at the real numbers.  That bailout comes from the taxpayers one way or another.  However, banks were told to help the home owners out with this bailout.  So what do they really do give themselves millions in bonuses and invest the free money for profit of the companies interest.  At the same time start foreclosing on homes.  How does that help the economy or people?  It doesn't it makes a few rich richer and more poorer.  Everyone that is a worker and loses their jobs and can't get another job realize how real this could be for them.  Fairness, and compassion is not a word that only has to be used in socialism.  It has to be used in capitalism too to work!
Dozens arrested in Occupy crackdowns across the U.S. -  I see more of a targeting to try and stop something that is exponentially growing.  It is like anything else if you have a lot of people then you are going to have incidents that are negative happen.  When things do happen negative, there are people ready to jump all over it, whether that be media, politicians, or partisan groups that don't like what they see.  I will only mention that you will also have those that are purposely going out of their way to incite trouble and try and make the occupy movement too, to think there is not would be complete naiveness.

Occupy Wall Street costs local businesses $479,400! - Now you keep hearing how much business has lost because of occupy wall st.  However, then I hear about the occupy movement areas being filled with tourists all the time.  Also, with celebrities, politicians and people coming from around the world to visit these protests.  Now how about the figures from the businesses that have made that much more because of the protesters?  I know for a fact that I've spent money in several locations of Charleston, S.C. that I would never have accept I was that way to see what was going on with the occupy movement there.   

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