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Thursday, November 10, 2011

O.W.S in the news 11-10-2011 morning

Occupy Wall Street protesters not noticeable one block away from Zuccotti Park, Mayor Bloomberg says
U.S. mayor's website hacked by Occupy Wall St sympathizer
Class War? Occupy Wall Street, Unions Protest at Sotheby’s–8 Arrested  - The class warfare stamp, really it is nothing new it is been going on for decades now.  The difference now is the poor and middle class have decided to fight back.

Riot police break up "Occupy Cal" protest
The Ballad of Occupy Sheffield

Bruins Democrats, Republicans debate central issues of Occupy Wall Street movement
Daily Digest – Thurs., Nov. 10 – Calls to Action
Mike Bloomberg, Esquire? Occupy Wall Street and Tents

Occupy Wall Street: The Game - Dodge Flash Grenades & Tear Gas or Get Arrested
Jobs, Occupy protesters favourites for TIME magazine honour
there are ~20 police at occupy la defense for <50 protesters (police vans out of picture). they forbade tents...
Occupy Wall Street: The New York Post's Bogus Coverage
Occupy Wall Street: India is not the US

Occupy Wall Street supporters don’t know what they’ve done
Occupy Fannie and Freddie
Homeless get tent of their own at St Paul's
Firearms police officer 'slept in Occupy St Paul's tent after night out drinking'
New Ad for Occupy Wall Street - Media Training

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