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Saturday, November 5, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-05-2011 evening

Will Rogers on Occupy Wall Street
2nd vet hurt at Occupy Oakland event
Occupy Wall Street supporters gather in Albany
Credit unions gain 650,000 members, $4.5B in deposits after BoA fee flap
Occupy Wall Street Ads Hit TV This Weekend
Occupy Delaware to vote whether it will defy law and stay in park
Occupy Washington with God

Bloomberg must swiftly put an end to Wall St. protest - IMHO the forefathers would be the occupiers.

Occupy Wall Street Engaged in 'Doxing' of Police Officers -  I don't agree with doing this to the police officers since most of them are part of the 99 percent.  However, I'm glad to here that this seems unfair since the police stations are doing this to arrested protesters before they are ever found guilty or innocent. The police stations are posting the pictures(mug shots) and information of those protesters arrested on facebook and other public access media.

Occupy Wall Street: Reining in the rich
McDonald's Job Applications Dumped On 'Occupy' Protesters By Chicago Board Of Trade
Batman Occupies Wall Street: ‘Dark Knight’  Films Fight Scene Downtown
Alleged Occupy Wall Street Protester Had McDonald's Meltdown
What Occupy Wall Street is getting totally wrong - What they get wrong is that money does have a limited supply and if it doesn't it becomes worthless.  There is also nothing free about a two year carrier contract or the fact the price was already figured into the contract long before it was marketed as free.  I could go on and tear everyone of these down to the truth but not worth the keyboarding if you don't already get it.

Helping a floundering protest, college instructors hold classes in Occupy Seattle
COLD Army Occupies Wall Street - Nov. 5, 2011
Activists Gather to Protest Koch Brothers Gathering
PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street Spotlighted in Clayton Company's Coloring Book - older news but some of the pages of coloring book shown at this one.

Occupy protesters march through Indy, berate banks
Millionaires Sharply Divided Over Occupy Wall Street
Protest held against big banks in downtown Ann Arbor on Saturday
Protesters to Target Banks on ‘Move Your Money Day’
Occupy Wall Street protests as American as applie pie

Eric Bolling, Fox News' Peter Johnson Mock Occupy Wall Street - Well FOXNEWS is going to manage destroying its own followership by mocking, belittling, smearing and talking down about the general public as they do.  "How about occupy a job" is a disgraceful comment by this commentator. How many people would love too occupy a job that haven't been able to find one?

8 Musicians Making New Music to Occupy Wall Street
Fox News Slammed By Occupy Wall Street Protester in Unaired Interview
Money movers and Occupy Wall Street shakers rattle US banking world
Occupy supporters rally, march down Douglas Street

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