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Thursday, November 3, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-03-2011 morning

US military veterans heed Occupy rallying cry
OCW Wave Will Soon Become a Tsunami / Wall Street Beware
Democracy not working for the vast majority
Occupy Wall Street = Love

When Occupy Oakland shut down the port
US Occupy protesters claim victory
Oakland Needs Readjustment
Police Tear Gas, Pepper Spray Protesters
Clashes erupt after protests shut down US port

Mercedes hits 2 Occupy Oakland protesters
Occupy Oakland Live Blog: Injured man is taken away in ambulance
Police confront Oakland protesters with tear gas
Police, Occupy protesters clash in Oakland - now with 10,000 people or more people, what does the media focus on mostly the negative or short and brief about the all day event.  I guess that is the nature of the news most of the time now-a-days.  What bad happened and they focus stronger on that then all the amazing things that happened yesterday there in Oakland.  It was a monumental historical happening and mostly peaceful.  It will be in the history books and from what I can see it has just started building and there will be a lot more of the people speaking up from the 99 percent around the country and the world.  Go 99 Percent!

Anti-corporate US protesters fight for trademark
Demonstrators Arrested Again At Occupy Tulsa Protest
The rich did get richer after 1991
Banker Jamie Dimon talks about Occupy, foreclosures, jobs and more
Would Jesus occupy Wall Street? Muskegon clergy weigh in
Perry Falls for Fake Occupy Wall Street Email Forward

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