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Thursday, November 3, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-03-2011 evening

Occupy Oakland protesters pitch in for cleanup
A jobless Renton worker makes the case for the 99 percent - One individual story in the sea of millions more like it in this country.  They are stories that need to be told and heard.  Thank you for sharing.

Occupy Protesters Disavow Oakland Violence
Politics: Occupy.. Will It Wake Government Up?
‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters in N.Y. Court Request Trials
Meet Some of the Protesters at Zuccotti Park
Gates Backs the Wall Street Tax at the G20 Summit

Bachmann Targets Occupy Wall Street, Warns of U.S. Becoming Banana Republic - Well let me think if the politician is winking at their friend in the business world aren't they both manipulating the laws and basically wrong?

'South Park' Mocks 'Occupy Wall Street,' Michael Moore - a laugh every now and then is good.
Occupy Wall Street protest backs Carroll's Main Street
Bernanke chides Occupy Wall Street 'misconceptions'

How Occupy Oakland Is Stealing Occupy Wall Street's Mojo - I think they miss the message when they say stealing mojo.  Why they didn't steal nothing at all, occupy everywhere is in solidarity with each other.  We are the 99 percent and whether there were 10, 100 or 100,000 there, we were all there from around the country and the world!  There were easily a million people there last night.  We may have been in other states and other countries but we were there with the people of "Occupy Oakland" and they did great.

Occupy Wall Street Supporters Condemn Oakland Violence
Elizabeth Warren's anger - well put the poison is out there.
Saint Mary's joins 'Occupy Wall Street' movement
Locals donate resources to ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests
Latest developments in the Occupy protests - those that agree with the occupy stance will not do this.  those that agree and don't understand this will hurt the movement  and need to understand.  those that want to give the movement a bad name need to know it will not be tolerated.  this type behavior will do nothing but hurt the cause in America.

Latest developments in the Occupy protests occurring in places around the world
The Difference Between The Occupiers and The Tea Party? The Meaning of Freedom
ALCU-MN asks Hennepin Co. to rescind Occupy rules
Elites Who Back the Wall St. Protesters
Wall Street Protests, Person by Person

Statement from Jewish liberals says Occupy Wall Street not anti-Semitic
Bankers to Occupy India’s Wall Street
Over Third Of Millionaires Agree 'Occupy' Protesters Make 'Good And Valid' Point: Poll
They’ll Occupy themselves with an 11-mile trek from Washington Heights to Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street Demonstration Saturday

St. Paul's campers could stay to 2012
Wall Street Killer Instinct AWOL in Occupy Spat: Susan Antilla
Occupy Wall Street: Signs of protest
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's comments today seem to be building a case for forcibly removing Occupy Wall
Nurses join Occupy movement with DC demonstration

Occupy Wall Street Gets Winterized
Occupy movement spreads to Va. Beach
'Unify Main Street' Replaces 'Occupy Wall Street' in Staunton
Goldman Sachs protest results in 17 arrests
Justin Bieber Less Popular Than Occupy Wall Street On Twitter

Occupy Wall Street, brought to you by social media
Occupy Wall Street - A Growing Force?
Mayor Bloomberg should not shut down Occupy Wall Street
Money (and Headaches) for Occupy Wall Street
Military vets march with Occupy Wall Street

Oakland Clashes With Wall Street Protesters Come With Costs
Occupy movement isn’t about government
Oakland engulfed by mostly peaceful protest - like the image they used with this headline...
Face Of The Day

Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs

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