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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

O.W.S. in the news 11-02-2011 evening

Occupy Wall Street protester weathers all storms - This is one of the millions of stories like this across America and they need to be told and heard!  We need to be angry about what is going on and we need to do something about it!

Banks targeted by Occupy Oakland general strike protesters
Bernanke to Occupy Wall Street: 'I get it'
Occupy Wall Street's latest converts: the 1 percent?
Iowa Activists: 'Occupy Wall Street Is The Third Party'
Occupy Wall Street's Message Gains Momentum In Congress

Occupy Oakland First US General Strike In 65 Years
Danny Glover Speaks To Occupy Oakland
Occupy Wall Street Crackdowns Smack of Colonialism
Stephen Colbert calls Occupy Wall Street 'racist' but still wants to be its 'sugar-daddy'
The Ghost of Tom Joad Comes to Occupy Wall Street

Blair Says Occupy Wall Street Protest Lacks Answers on Economy
The Vatican, Occupy Wall Street, and Jerry Falwell's Legacy
Occupy Wall Street: Republicans' Class War Against the rest of America
Latest developments in the Occupy protests
French far-right leader to visit Occupy Wall Street

Latino Leaders Plan 99% March to Support Occupy Wall Street
Pro Occupy Wall Street; Against a 2-Tiered Society
Surprisingly Effective Advocacy: Occupy Wall Street Alters the Political Dialogue in New York State
2 'occupy' protesters arrested at Wayne State at appearance of Wall Street exec
Occupy Wall Street: No Poverty of Spirit

Planned Parenthood Teams Up With Occupy Wall St. Movement
Ralph Nader: Tax Wall Street 'speculation'
Boulder rejects Corporate Personhood
While Humans Occupy Wall Street, Snake Occupies ATM - a bit of humor never hurts now does it...
Some truth the from the ground at Occupy Wall Street

BofA Customers Beat Occupy Wall Street to the Punch - Pressure from every direction is a good thing when it is for the right thing.  However, don't turn your back for to long, I'm sure there are plenty more ways they will come for more cash.

Occupy Wall Street, brought to you by social media
There's many a gray head in Occupy Wall Street crowd
Tony Blair Criticizes Occupy Wall Street
12 Hours with Occupy Wall Street
5 Arrested in Occupy Seattle demonstration

Organizers planning 'Occupy St. Paul'
#OccupyWallSt Roundup, Day 47
Occupy Wall Street: The next move
Police barriers cleared from Wall St. protest amid store owners' complaints about lost business
Latest developments in the Occupy protests

Occupy protesters set to target busy Oakland port
Bloomberg strikes tougher tone on Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street protests
Are there stocks that support Occupy Wall Street principles?
New restrictions for Minneapolis Occupy protesters

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