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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy news and more found from twitter 11-05-2011 afternoon

Danny Glover Tremendous Speech @ Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland Attendance Buried By MSM
More Than a Month Later, Occupy DC Continues to Grow
Occupy protesters set to target busy Oakland port (AP)
rebellion in the land of the (un) limited opportunities - I do enjoy online translators.
‎Occupy Bellingham protesters to craft mission statement

Occupy Wall Street
God versus mammon: Occupiers pit archbishop against billionaire mayor
‘Occupy Boston’ occupies Israeli consulate
Fox News UK at the Occupy LSX - some humor again but hard to tell the spoof at times:) and not really fox.

Occupy Art Protest Art mixed media signed artist Ctrl Alt Dub collection #3 - and they say protestors don't believe in capitalism.
Occupy LSX march: Protesters reach Parliament Square
#OccupyWallStreet: From A Single Hashtag, A Protest Circled The World
Lemony Snicket, MTV help explain Occupy Wall Street to kids
Occupy Finsbury Square enters third week - love the sign: "Sorry for your inconvenience we are trying to change the world"

Palin opens up about ‘Occupy’ movement, says Obama gives ‘the fat cats’ their ‘cat nip’
Occupy San Jose protesters told not to use chalk
A message to Occupy Wall Street to stop U.S. support
From Cairo to New York, Which Side Are Police On?

Occupy Los Angeles
How We Use Storify to Cover Occupy Wall Street: nice little media tool for lots of folks...

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