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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy and Tea Party --- No Comparison

The "Occupy" movement at this point should longer be compared to the Tea Party, IMHO. The numbers involved with O.W.S. out number those in the Tea Party by probably 100 to 1 if not more.  For that matter "occupy" includes many past members of the Tea Party movement.  The occupy agenda does not exclude the fact that this is a international set of concerns as much as it is a national set of concerns.  Where "occupy" has huge support from overseas with mass protests going on all over the world to include 100,000s of people if not millions worldwide.  The "occupy" movement expresses more concerns about human rights in American.  This is not intended to be meant negatively about the Tea Party in any way, I just don't really think there is any comparison to be made any more.  They both have problems with current politics in the nation along with corruption in politics and corporations. Also, both have had rallies and protests but from that point it really seems to be a mute point.

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