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Sunday, November 6, 2011

MSM Bias and Inflluence

  I've been involved and supported different independents and groups during my years.  I've always watched all the main networks/newspapers/magazines and researched alternative media for my news consumption.  I've been surprised over the years how biased and opinionated much of the main stream media (MSM) has become. Also, getting involved with a variety of different candidates over the years has brought to light how much more biased and influential the MSM can be than I even thought it was.  The MSM has become more filled with opinions and geared towards agendas rather then facts than I ever imagined possible.

  How much bias and even influence on your choices do you think MSM has on your understanding of the news?  I would say the MSM has a lot of bias but I would say they even have more influence over their readers and watchers than many think.  I would suggest that you set up your own litmus tests, created by someone else, to find out if you are being influenced and even possibly manipulated by the MSM.  Even if you don't care it would probably be beneficial to yourself to know, how much of your own opinions may be swayed away from what you really are thinking or believe.

  Now with that stated, I would like to bring up a current stigma for the "Occupy" groups that I've been watching happen.  Right from the start and before the media gave any print or air time to the "Occupy" groups they tagged it with a left title.  Now, once it has taken off there are more "Occupy" groups labeled with left involved then those tagged with right.  However, from the start the groups have maintained they are AUTONOMOUS of ANY POLITICAL PARTY or GROUP.  Also that it will not be co-opted by these groups.  I don't hear or see any of the MSM emphasizing this at all.  Which is an important part of the "Occupy" groups intentions.

  This is a call to the right and conservatives to please realize this is not about right, left, conservative or liberal.  It is about getting people of this nation together to say we have some major problems and we need to fix them.  Just as the Tea Party stated we need to find the common ground and work together to fix these problems.  The same thing is going on with "Occupy".  There are many "occupy" groups around the nation and I can only say that the ones I've looked at personally are groups of people with every leaning but they are working together at identifying the problems and working on solutions that we all know need to happen.

  United We Stand and Divided We Fall as the sayings goes.  We don't have time anymore to be divided and we have been divided for to long, as the people!  The more people at the GAs the better the outcomes will be.  Whether you are left, right, center or none of the above PLEASE take some time and GO TO some GAs before you make up your mind via MSM or Alternative media and news, PLEASE.  The GAs will not be quick fixes, they will take time but they are hope of getting people involved in a democracy that needs it people badly to survive.

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