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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Marion Square Charleston South Carolina

What an appropriate place to be occupying. In my opinion, Francis Marion was smiling some where as the Occupy Charleston formed peacefully in the middle of the square for another early Saturday afternoon march down King St.  The drums started pounding and the cadence of "We are the 99 percent" could be heard loudly and proudly as they moved along.  It made me proud to be an American as I saw this group saying their peace and trying to make people aware that they are and here to stay.  Keep up the great work "Occupy Charleston", not all of us are there in the march, we are everywhere.  I was walking the market and appreciating your sound of democracy!

I hope to see Occupy Ladson, Occupy Goose Creek, Occupy Summerville, Occupy Johns Island, Occupy Cottageville, Occupy Walterboro and all the many other surrounding towns spoke groups soon! 

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