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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lots of opinions and ideas

I must say there are lots of opinions of what the "occupy" movement is.  What they should do etc.  They have been called almost everything you can imagine.  The movement has been called everything from a mob, protest to a revolt along with many other things.  People have compared it to the 1960's which actually encompassed a lot different movements in itself.  People have compared it to 1880, 1920 protests and labor movements.  There are people that like what is going on, there are those that don't and others completely indifferent.  There have been a lot of different comparisons and analysis yet many still seem confused to who, what, when, where, why and how.  Many people are like where is this coming from and where is it going?

I'm not confused just waiting to see. I'm not about to say I truly know where this is going or what is really going to come of it all.  I will say I don't think there is any historical data that can completely assist coming to a conclusion of the current situation not only in this country but around the world.  As the world has changed to a world economy and a world order so have the people.  Here are some of the factors that make this so much different then any in the past.

Many people of all economic classes can communicate faster and farther then ever via text, verbal or visual. Translations and translators have been simplified and made easier to utilize by the masses.  There are more educated people that can read, write and express themselves by far, than any time in history that man has ever known of.  There are more atrocities, starvation, deaths, wars, etc going on in the world then ever before; just as there are more people and  more good things going on too.

O.W.S. the Tea Party or the many other fights, protests, movements, revolutions that have been going on for decades can not be traced back to a website like adbusters.  This has been brewing for as long as I've been alive. Something tells me what is happening has been even brewing long before I was alive and probably gone back centuries and centuries for many cultures.  People want to be able to live without being controlled, maybe it goes back to instinct.  Wild animal want to be free and will fight back against those that try and trap or cage it.  If the systems built do not allow people to be free and try and live a life in pursuit of happiness then I guess those systems need to be prepared for the fight or get out of the way.

So what is it all about?  I seem to have as many answers and questions myself as I hear and read about the current state of affairs.  It is curious to me though that several ancient religions expressed that the time is coming of "great change".  Also as stated in other posts, I don't think that the end of the world is coming or that aliens are coming to save us or harvest us for food.  I do get a overwhelming feeling that a great change is upon us.  I think that change is going be made by the people.  It is going to happen whether we want it or not.  I don't think this nation is going to feel this change alone but it will be felt around the world.  I hope it is good.  I hope it is for the better.  I hope to be part of a better world in the future as I think most of us do.

At the same time I have concerns that we can easily fall into the same traps of the past, so beware of that very reality.  I can hope, dream, have ideals and take action to help. I hope that everyone continues to try and do the same. Good luck to all of us; whatever side your on...

Round and Round we go.  Where we stop nobody really knows...

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