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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Keep Patience time is coming

The "occupy" movement has really just started.  Those that have been working hard for a long time must learn to stay peaceful and be patient.  It may seem like everyone should understand and be on board with what is going on but it doesn't happen that way.  The 1% are getting impatient because they realize the message is resonating and they haven't even begun any real attacks yet, just small ones.  Brace your self and be prepared for what possibly will come if they do.

A larger portion of the population has only heard some MSM news clips, which are not usually showing the movement in an fair or right light.  Many people are not seeking alternative media to find out.  Yes, the movement needs to continue and grow and distribute the right information.  Occupy believers needs to keep determined, peaceful and relevant.  Six out of ten people according some news outlets are not even sure about the movement yet.  So imagine if a good portion of these people start understanding and helping the movement.

The 1 percent and politicians will have a lot to be concerned about at that point and they know it.  It is why they are trying to slow down what is happening.  It is time to be creative but respectful to all our fellow citizens.  It is time to continue growing.  It is time to show how flexible, determined and peaceful this movement is and will be.  That doesn't mean give in to the same means they have implemented against the protests but just be smarter and more flexible than those trying to undermine the movement.

Always try and let the protests show the respect to others of the 99 percent and benefit them if at all possible too.  

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