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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The John Zajaros Blog: The Quest Revealed!

The John Zajaros Blog: The Quest Revealed!: "Leadership and the Future of The Occupy Movement" - (blogcruiser comment: Interesting post and it tends to bring me back to somethings I've been thinking about lately. Who , what and why makes leaders? Leaders are really made by people that follow them. That would be whether they follow them out of respect, fear or any other reason. Leaders can be made into idols, royalty, scapegoats and many other things. However, the leaders are nothing more then what people around them make them. They are figure heads for the crowds. They can be good people, bad people and anything else. Leaders are just people like you and me. The masses make them leaders nothing more than that. The masses make the dollar money, would it have any value if they didn't? So does a leader have any value if the people do not accept them as a leader (except that they are still a person)? The future of this movement, the future of this country and the future of the world is not up to any leader or leaders! It is up to all the people and what choices they make!

When people say who are the leaders of the "occupy" movement and don't understand the answer, it amazes me. The answer that there are no specific leaders is a good answer. Maybe a better answer would be we are all leaders and there are no leaders, it is run democratically. A democratic process that is not about any specific leaders. It is about a system, a system by the people and for the people. A system that by itself makes people get involved to make change. A system that brings power back to each community because you can't run a democratic society with large groups and give them all a chance to speak or get involved. What I can see is movement not meant to be about leaders that have specific demands.

What I see it is people saying things are real bad here and we are not moving forward. That things should have never got this bad and there really is no reason for it. The average person on the streets can agree there are to many things just going way off track. So the question that many ask is who is going to fix it? Or others that say protesting is not going to fix it!

A question many of these "leaders" of this movement are asking is how are we going to fix it? Why do the police, media and government see fit to keep trying to prevent us from trying to fix things? I see so many leaders in the "occupy" movement. I see so many good people trying to make a difference and changes. Now the question for this country right now is do we want change? The only way change will come is if we allow for it to happen and participate in making it happen! So are we going to continue down the same roads or are many more leaders going to come out of hiding and make changes?

Well no real historical facts in my post but some of my ideas and opinions. Good luck to us all, if we don't make some real change I do fear for the American Dream could be very difficult to achieve.

By the way the article I linked to on this before I rambled was very good and interesting to read. so here is that link again:
The John Zajaros Blog: The Quest Revealed!

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