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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well when citizens lose their jobs, their homes and even their health is this how we handle the problems?  We tell them to go away, find a job and get a shower?  We tell them they didn't plan?  We say it's not my problem?  We say they are spoiled.  Call them lazy. Call them crazy. They are stealing.  They are murdering.  They are having sex and doing drugs. They are criminals, lock them up.  It is all their own fault.  They are bothering me and infringing on my rights.  Is this what many of us are really thinking?  I have my own problems and go away I don't want to add yours or hear yours.  More and more people withdraw to their televisions and computer screens wondering what is going on in this world.  What is going on out there.  I'm stating how we are treating each other, each and every day in many communities long before the "occupy" movement.  I'm talking about how we are dealing with our own communities on a day to day basis in America.

The "occupy" movements are just making this glaringly obvious not by what they are doing but by the way we as a people are reacting to what is going on here!  There is a cry for help and hope and what is going on as they do everything to be heard?  Maybe, today on a American Thanksgiving we should all ponder the movement openly for a little bit.  Ponder on your own communities and what is going on and why!  Maybe we should get out there and find out what is really happening for ourselves instead of watching television, listening to radios and depending on computer screens.  Talk to the people in your community and actually decide for yourself.

I am very thankful for what I do have but that doesn't mean I should settle for this as the best it can be!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it today!!! 

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